Fans Criticize Podolskaya For Her Vulgar Pose

Fans Criticize Podolskaya For Her Vulgar Pose
Fans Criticize Podolskaya For Her Vulgar Pose

Video: Fans Criticize Podolskaya For Her Vulgar Pose

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Natalya Podolskaya posted a photo showing her sitting on a large box. The popular performer, dressed in shorts and a T-shirt, sat on the gift with her legs spread, for which she was immediately ostracized.

At the end of the year, domestic celebrities receive gifts from various companies and media. Satisfied with the attention, the artists prefer to show off their presents immediately by posting photos and short videos on social networks. The popular performer Natalya Podolskaya did not stay away from the fashion trend.

On her official page on the social network Instagram, the singer posted a frame in which she appeared in a T-shirt and shorts, sitting on a large red box, which, judging by the signature on it, was sent to the artist by a famous magazine.

While some fans were happy for their favorite, others found something to complain about. In particular, not all subscribers appreciated Natalia's disheveled red hair and her pose, which she took while sitting on the box.

"And this one with spread legs", "What's with the hair?", "You don't need to spread your legs like that for a photo - it's ugly, unelite", "At least I would have combed my hair …" - Netizens could not resist critical reviews.

There were also those who asked why Natalya did not take a picture with her husband, a popular performer Vladimir Presnyakov, and their little son. Recall that the artists have been married for eight years. In 2015, the couple had their firstborn Artem.

In a recent interview, Podolskaya talked about how she was received in the stellar family (Vladimir's parents are famous artists Elena and Vladimir Presnyakov, who sing in the "Gems" group. - Ed.). "Lena immediately took me into the house as her own, - noted Natalya. - At the first meeting, as I remember now, she and Petrovich hugged me and kissed me on the cheeks, as if we had known each other for a hundred years."

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