Russian Stars Who Chose Life Abroad

Russian Stars Who Chose Life Abroad
Russian Stars Who Chose Life Abroad

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It happens that the stars are invited to work in another country, and then they decide to stay there for a long time. Or during a vacation, a celebrity looks after a house on the coast and decides to move there for good. These famous people left Russia and feel great abroad.

1. Singer Alsou, in her early years, spent several years in the British capital, where she studied at the MPW Art College. Her daughters were born in London. Now Alsou, together with her husband and three children, prefers to live in the UK. In London, the family has a huge apartment, where there is enough space for everyone.

2. Singer Sasha Zvereva, who became famous as a soloist of the "Demo" group in the nineties, has long chosen California as her place of residence. She went to America to start life anew, and now Zvereva has three children.

3. Tennis player Maria Sharapova lives in Netanya, Israel. There she bought an apartment of 350 sq. m. in a residential complex overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. From time to time, the athlete changes her habitat and sends it either to Florida, where she owns a villa, or to California, where she has an apartment.

4. Ingeborga Dapkunaite also made a choice in favor of Great Britain. She moved to London back in 1993 when she married British director Simon Stokes. The marriage with him broke up long ago, but Ingeborg remained to live in London.

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