Celebrities Who Became Moms After 50

Celebrities Who Became Moms After 50
Celebrities Who Became Moms After 50

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Today's medicine allows people to live longer and stay healthy until old age. In addition, the development of doctors has lengthened the reproductive period in women. Today, few people are surprised by young mothers over 40, but some women manage to get pregnant after 50.

1. At the end of June 2018, Danish actress Brigitte Nielsen became a mother for the fifth time: Brigitte and her 39-year-old husband finally had a daughter. By the way, my mother was 54 years old at the time of delivery.

2. Ingeborga Dapkunaite, Russian and Lithuanian actress, celebrated her 55th birthday in January. Shortly before the anniversary, she said that she became a mother: in 2017, she had a son.

3. Until the singer Janet Jackson appeared in public with a big belly, almost no one believed the rumors about her pregnancy, because Janet came close to her 50th birthday. However, the singer really gave birth to a baby, celebrating her half-century anniversary.

4. Lyudmila Belyavskaya, the widow of actor Alexander Belyavsky, gave her husband a daughter in 2003. Alexander was at that time 70 years old, and Lyudmila - 52.

5. Brazilian actress Solange Koutu, star of the TV series "Clone", got married in 2010. Solange's husband is 30 years younger than her, but the couple decided to start a full-fledged family: a year later, 54-year-old Koutu gave birth to a baby.

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