Yegor Creed Is Preparing To Become A Father

Yegor Creed Is Preparing To Become A Father
Yegor Creed Is Preparing To Become A Father

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Yegor Creed made a statement on his birthday. The popular rap artist, the star of the reality show "The Bachelor" admitted that in the near future he would like to become a father.

On June 25, Yegor Creed celebrated his birthday. Numerous fans presented the birthday boy with compliments and congratulations. And Yegor did not remain in debt. On his official page on the social network Instagram, the singer thanked everyone for their wishes and kind words.

“Another productive year has passed. Today I was born. Mom and Dad, thank you for your life. I believe and hope that in the coming years I will also give life to my child. I will look up to you in education. I am proud of you. ️Thank all my loved ones, my fans for congratulations. Pray for my health and my path. Do more good deeds. Believe in yourself and make your dreams come true. Yours, Yegor (hereinafter, the spelling and punctuation of the authors are preserved. - Ed.)"

- wrote Creed.

The journalists became interested in the statement of potential paternity and asked the artist what exactly he was doing for this.

"In this matter, I still rely on the will of fate. I had the opportunity to become a father when I was in a long relationship (then it was already going to the wedding), but it was all over. And today, when we see this man, with to whom they once planned children, we pretend to be unfamiliar. As if they were not relatives to each other, as if they forgot how they fell asleep and woke up together, forgot how they felt ",

- Creed stated with regret.

The artist made it clear that he is still going through that break.

"I am afraid to make such a mistake again. But I believe and hope that I will meet a person with whom it will be good not now, but always,"

- quotes the singer

Earlier, Yegor Creed published a video in which he was captured with Daria Klyukina. Note that it was her singer who chose her as a darling on the show "Bachelor" and presented her with a wedding ring. However, after the completion of the television project, Creed and Klyukin were not seen together, which inspired some doubts among fans about the sincerity of their feelings. But the joint video, published by Yegor, calmed and delighted the fans.

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