Sobchak Was Convicted Of Frank Confession

Sobchak Was Convicted Of Frank Confession
Sobchak Was Convicted Of Frank Confession

Video: Sobchak Was Convicted Of Frank Confession

Video: ОСТОРОЖНО! "Новости" от Ксении Собчак. Разоблачение лжи. 2022, December

Ksenia Sobchak spoke about the only person who can besiege her.


38-year-old Ksenia Sobchak openly confessed her love for a close friend - 39-year-old journalist Mikhail Zygar - when congratulating him on his birthday. The TV presenter said many compliments to Zygar, noting that she no longer had such a friend with whom she could be so frank and honest.

“You have not only taught a lot in the profession, but the main thing is that you teach to be a responsible person, you slap hands when I show myself as [], and you always just talk about the most difficult things”,

- Sobchak wrote, confessing what a wonderful state of awareness this friendship gives her.


Ksenia did not pass by Mikhail's talent, confessing her love to him.

"I love you. Very. For the scale, for the lack of condemnation of anyone, for not being included in the liberal or any other regional committee ",

- Sobchak wrote, adding at the end "you dance GREAT."

Ksenia Sobchak illustrated the post with three photographs from her wedding, where she is dancing incendiary with Mikhail Zygar. The emphasis on dancing can be taken as a simple compliment, or as a subtle hint. The fact is that in October, Ksenia gave advice to her Instagram followers on how to identify a good lover. And he touched directly to dancing.

“Always look at how the person is dancing. He will have sex in about the same way. Look not at how he moves, but at how he dances. How relaxed he is, how much he gives himself up to the music at this moment, how much he does not think about how he looks from the outside ",

- this is how the life hack from the ex-presidential candidate sounded.

This time, the subscribers wondered what the legal spouse of Ksenia Konstantin Bogomolov would say to such spiritual outpourings of his wife.

“Ksenia, is your husband not jealous of you to Mikhail?”, “I wonder what Bogomolov was up to …”, “Bogomolov wasn’t jealous ???”, “I feel like he’ll go down the aisle for the third time, this one will be nicer,” the users asked. networks.

As expected, they did not receive any answers from Xenia or Constantine.

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