Prigogine "framed" The Daughter Of Valeria

Prigogine "framed" The Daughter Of Valeria
Prigogine "framed" The Daughter Of Valeria

Video: Prigogine "framed" The Daughter Of Valeria

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The day before, on June 21, Joseph Prigogine congratulated Valeria's daughter Anna Shulgina on her birthday by publishing a cute family photo. However, many subscribers found it unsuccessful, and some even accused the producer of "setting up".

On June 21, Anna Shulgina, the only daughter of the popular singer Valeria, celebrated her anniversary. The artist's heiress is 25 years old. Anna is now building her own singing career, she shot several videos, and also successfully participated in various television projects. At the same time, Shulgina does everything to be perceived as an independent unit, and not "the daughter of the singer Valeria."

Numerous fans began to congratulate Anna a day before the holiday. When an important date finally came, the producer Joseph Prigogine was one of the first to note it. On his official page on the social network Instagram, Valeria's husband published a touching family photo, which depicts Anna Shulgina herself, and Joseph and Valeria kiss her on both cheeks.

"Bunny, happy birthday! Our adult, independent girl. Be happy, loved, in demand, and if something happens … we are always there. #Birthday @anna_shulgina ️ Separate congratulations to Mom! @Valeriya If anything, then this photo is already 5 years old (hereinafter, the spelling and punctuation of the authors are preserved. - Ed.) "- wrote Prigozhin.

Numerous subscribers joined in the congratulations. Fans scattered in compliments to the star family. However, there were also those who criticized Prigogine for the photo, they say, it was unsuccessful. "Anya looks like this for 50 years", "Anna is bigger than you two", "This is not a bunny, but a rabbit …", "I thought it was Joseph's daughter, but this is Anya? Wow, a fat woman", "He framed it like that.." - Insta-critics expressed their opinion.

Note that Anna herself, by her own admission, was never shy of her parameters. “I have never had an anorexic physique, but, believe me, I had a sea of ​​attention from the opposite sex in any of my weight ️ Harmony,” wrote Shulgin's subscribers on the social network.

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