Let's Drink To Gays: Our Stars On Sexual Minorities

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Let's Drink To Gays: Our Stars On Sexual Minorities
Let's Drink To Gays: Our Stars On Sexual Minorities

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The topic of homosexual relationships was and remains a delicate one in the vastness of the former USSR. Today Anews will try to find out how domestic stars relate to this issue. To whom does Gosha Kutsenko dedicate his poems? Whose secrets are Alla Pugacheva and Valeria betraying? Where does Nikita Mikhalkov see a violation of the divine plan? And who is hostile to sexual minorities, and who is sympathetic?

Gosha Kutsenko. "Imagine - a sea of ​​fagots"

Recently, Gosha Kutsenko has distinguished himself with a rather noticeable statement on the topic of same-sex love.

Oscar-winning Kevin Spacey's coming-out caused a violent reaction from his Russian colleague in the workshop - so violent that prose was not enough to express it.

“I believed that you were Leo Kansky - Golden! Not blue … American beauty … Black Kevin - I'm not yours …"

This is how the artist ended the ode to his own disappointment on Instagram.



For Kutsenko, similar acts of creativity were listed before. Back in the 2000s, he spoke at some evenings with a poem about the fact that the Moscow mayor's office allegedly allowed sex minorities to organize a parade, but appointed it for Paratrooper Day:

“And suddenly - as if the sun suddenly came out from behind the clouds! Imagine - the sea of ​​fagots and the music of "clouds-clouds", And suddenly guys come out, there is no cooler in the world. And ofigels gays - blue, a lot, but berets … What happened next, guys, is hard to describe. Horses, people got mixed up!.. And I went to sleep."

It would seem that the position of the famous actor is clearly expressed - he dislikes same-sex sexual relations and the people who practice them.

One incident brings dissonance into this picture. Once, having once again read a poem about a gay pride parade, Kutsenko left the stage, and a man rose to the microphone, who began to condemn the speaker for such behavior.

The artist reacted unexpectedly lively. He again approached the microphone and began to make excuses: “I didn't want to offend anyone! Forgive me if that. I have a gay friend! A very good person…"

The next remark completely stunned the audience: "And in general … I'm gay too!"

After that, Kutsenko hastily left the premises. The actor did not answer the clarifying questions of the Moskovsky Komsomolets journalist.

Valeria. "Then let the straight people go out and tell what and how they prefer."

The singer Valeria also made loud statements on the topic of domestic sexual minorities. It is interesting that these statements were originally made not in Russian, but in English.

Valeria appeared on the air of the British BBC TV channel - in a program dedicated to the law adopted in Russia "protecting children from information that promotes the denial of traditional family values."



In a heated debate with journalist Anton Krasovsky, one of the most famous openly gay men in Russia, Valeria said that she had many homosexual friends who work well on television and in show business and do not at all support the ideas of same-sex marriages and gay pride parades.

When Krasovsky asked whether they were openly gay, Valeria confidently answered in the affirmative. When she was asked to say the names of at least two, the artist named Boris Moiseev and Sergei Penkin.

It was Valeria's last statement that became the reason for a wide discussion - after all, she, in fact, betrayed other people's secrets. Boris Moiseev, although he spoke about his homosexuality, interspersed these "confessions" with vague denials, eventually saying that he called himself gay only for the sake of creating a shocking image.

Sergei Penkin, on the other hand, never showed any desire to discuss his own orientation.

In response to the reproaches, Valeria stated that as a patriot she could not help but say about Moiseev and Penkin:

“If I had not named the names, I would have given Krasovsky an opportunity to slander our country in the eyes of the international community.I could not do it in a purely human way, as a citizen of Russia. When they say that we have discrimination against gays and, it turns out, they even get kicked out of work! This is not true. I had to defend our country and I do not regret it at all”.

The singer respects the gays themselves, but nevertheless encourages them to behave more modestly:

“Now everyone started talking about what kind of sex they prefer. Who is interested in this? Let's then straight people will go out and tell what and how they prefer. This is out of the ordinary!

I am opposed to people - no matter what their orientation - to bring their private life to the public. Imagine, a straight politician comes out and suddenly, for no apparent reason, says what he is doing. We will immediately say: "Comrade is not in order, it is better not to deal with him!"

Nikita Mikhalkov. "This is the destruction of the inner harmony of the divine and human"

The master of Russian cinema Nikita Mikhalkov expresses his attitude to homosexuality in a talented, sweeping and contradictory manner.

In some of his statements, he refers to the words of colleagues:

“Olbrykhsky once said a funny phrase:“In fact, I'm a pederast, but I don't like technology.” I love the men's company - mostly hunting. When 15 men fly to Taimyr to hunt goose, live in tents, in the evenings they talk about normal sex - this is live, real, male … I love companionship with men, but I absolutely do not like technology. So for everything else, I prefer women."



“Absolutely (not interested in the orientation of colleagues). The whole question is whether he can play what is written in the script and what I need. Of course, I will not keep up a conversation on these topics, and the story of the touching love of two gays will not interest me at all."

In other performances, the director calls homosexual relationships almost a global evil:

“There can be no healthy and energetic cinema in a world where same-sex marriage is legalized.

This is the problem of human self-destruction. And it is so actively conscious that it makes me feel like it’s a banter.

I have nothing against gays, this is an individual matter for everyone. But this is the destruction of the inner harmony of the divine and human”.

Alla Pugacheva. "I am after the peasants, he is after them"

The prima donna of the Russian stage is traditionally credited with a friendly attitude towards sex minorities.

It began back in the 1980s - then Alla Pugacheva became close friends with Jacob Dalin, a Swedish journalist, TV presenter and openly gay.

“In general, Jacob and I agreed that we would definitely get married,” the singer said, “At the age of ninety. Like, as long as we live as we want - he is there, I am here. I - for the peasants, he - for them. And then, then, I will marry him."

These plans were not destined to come true - Dalin died in 1991 of AIDS. However, representatives of non-traditional sexual orientation have since considered Pugacheva their supporter. And not without reason:



“I want to drink to gay people. Their character is brought up not on a boorish basis, but on the perception of the good, on the ability to appreciate the dignity of another person and make the shortcomings the dignity of another person. They taught me to perceive the nationality of a person normally, the color of a person is normal - something that is lacking in general in modern times."

Sometimes the singer's broad views led to rather unexpected results. Once, on the air of her radio show, she put a colleague of Sergei Lazarev in an awkward situation, starting to talk about his personal life:

“You shouldn't rush to get married at all. You need a friend, a life partner, because all these sex-shmeks - they come and go, but for the birth of a child you can, of course, try once. But in principle, you do not need a person next to you for this. I know that you have a friend, assistant Misha, and I congratulate you on the fact that he loves you very much and helps you"

Danila Kozlovsky. "I am against aggression and homophobia"

One of the main stars of the new generation, Danila Kozlovsky, predictably has rather liberal views:

“I stand for freedom in general and for the freedom to define sexual orientation in particular. And I am against aggression and homophobia. Any aggression, hatred or intolerance is a terrible, disgusting phenomenon that must be fought and fought with all passion."

The artist even believes that tolerance towards sexual minorities is characteristic of the people, in principle:



“I myself have witnessed several times when such“normal guys”saw a gay man and asked him:“What are you, gay, or what? Okay, look, he looks okay, a normal guy. " That is, when they met in person, his sexual orientation did not bother them and subsequently worried least of all”.

However, Kozlovsky still looks at public manifestations of homosexuality in a domestic, conservative way:

“In the past, the topic of gay pride parades came up quite often: to arrange them or not. From my point of view, this is useless. Why show your orientation? Not to mention the fact that there are people who are completely normal about minorities, but at the same time do not want to see a frank demonstration and have the right to do so. And there should be no hatred and intolerance towards people who feel this way in society."

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