How Miro And Others Are PR On Zakharov's Death

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How Miro And Others Are PR On Zakharov's Death
How Miro And Others Are PR On Zakharov's Death

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As it turned out, not everyone is grateful to the director for the eternal films "Till", "Not on the lists", "The Seagull", "Marriage", some "throw mud" on the late director and arrange dances on the bones.

Mark Zakharov gave the world incredible emotions. Each of us at least once in his life watched his "12 chairs" with Andrei Mironov, "An ordinary miracle" with the magnificent Oleg Yankovsky and, finally, "That very Munchausen".

The director resisted the disease to the last. Through "I can't" I got up and walked, leaning on a stick, found a play, rehearsed and demanded …

“But he demanded above all of himself,” said the actors. The director's heart stopped on October 28 at 10:30 am: he died of repeated pneumonia, just 15 days before his 86th birthday.

However, along with condolences to relatives and friends about the great loss, there were also those who decided to speak out about the death of the master … And no matter how unethical the statements like “Why did he die?”, “I don’t grieve,” they appeared.

Blogger Lena Miro was one of the first to speak

The girl who made the quote “Beautiful people read me” as her credo is unlikely to be able to boast of her beauty after this … At least, internal.

“Do you expect me to be upset because of Zakharov's death? Nope, and I'll explain why now, "- began her post Miro. Then Elena writes that since a person has lived a good life, then there is no need to grieve.

“He was rich, did not get dirty in anything and, most importantly, did what he loved, which he did the best. Why did Zakharov die? He just took his life and died. Yes, for the fact that everything that is needed, he did. And well done! Everyone would be like that ", -

Arkady Babchenko, who fled to Ukraine

We can only guess what relation Arkady, a so-called war correspondent, who cowardly fled to Ukraine, has to do with Lenkom. But Mark Anatolyevich, as well as many others, did not please him.

“What is happening in Vydubychi (the metro station in Kiev, where the fire took place on September 25 - editor's note) interests me ten orders of magnitude more than the thrown back hooves of the next… I don’t grieve.”

Well, the person wanted to express his position. But what does Mark Zakharov have to do with it?

Ayder Muzhdabaev, Deputy General Director of the first Crimean Tatar TV channel "ATR"

It would seem that the person of his position and position needs to know the law on the media, but no. Ayder Izzetovich launched into direct insults, calling him "a direct participant in the war with Ukraine with a thousand victims." We consider it unethical and inappropriate to quote other quotes from Muzhdabaev.

Politician Alexander Kirshteins quipped at the condolences: the Deputy of the Latvian Seimas from the right-wing radical National Bloc Alexander Kirshteins did not write a separate post, like his predecessors, but he openly criticized the Minister of Foreign Affairs of this country Edgar Rinkevich for expressing his condolences in connection with the death of Mark Zakharova.

“I express my deep condolences to the family and friends of the great Russian theater and film director Mark Zakharov in connection with his death, his performances and films, full of irony and cheerfulness, will live forever,” the minister wrote on Twitter.

To which Mr. Kirshteins repost the record, accusing Zakharov for some reason in the Crimean referendum …

Bozena Rynska

The writer and journalist is in a hurry to speak out on any topic, even when it would be possible to remain silent …

“It’s impossible not to speak out about Mark Zakharov. We need to clearly clarify the position of the people at the meeting,”she said.

One can only guess why “it is necessary” and what would have changed in connection with the absence of her post. However, starting ironically, she still said a couple of kind words about the director.

Fortunately, most of Mark Zakharov still shared touching, incredibly kind and sincere stories from life. They did not judge, did not encourage, did not blame, but only told what would allow us to preserve the bright memory of Mark Anatolyevich and get to know him better as a person. No wonder the director of "Lenkom", speaking about the departure of the artistic director, just noticed that the era is gone. This fact is undoubtedly pleasing. There are more adequate people on our planet.

“The last of the Mohicans has died,” said Mark Varshaver. And it is true.

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