I Do Not Regret Anything!: Why Elena Proklova And Oleg Yankovsky Broke Up

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I Do Not Regret Anything!: Why Elena Proklova And Oleg Yankovsky Broke Up
I Do Not Regret Anything!: Why Elena Proklova And Oleg Yankovsky Broke Up

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The numerous novels of the famous actress Elena Proklova are still legendary. At various times she was in a relationship with Oleg Tabakov, Andrei Mironov, Mihai Volontir. It is noteworthy that almost all of Proklova's lovers were married people. But this never stopped the artist. However, it was the actor's legal wife and son who pushed her to break with Oleg Yankovsky.


This is destiny

Elena Proklova and Oleg Yankovsky met in 1976 during the filming of Igor Maslennikov's "Sentimental Romance". The title of the film turned out to be prophetic for both actors. True, according to Proklova, at first she was sure that there could be no relationship between her and Yankovsky. And the point was not only that by that time Oleg Ivanovich was already not free.

When they first met face to face in the buffet, to Yankovsky's enthusiastic exclamation “This is fate!”, Which the artist threw in the direction of Proklova, she answered coldly: “I don’t think so!”

Probably, this romance would have ended before it began. After all, Elena herself did not insist on anything. She had just divorced her first spouse and was not at all eager to marry again. It was the married Yankovsky who turned out to be persistent. When the shooting ended, he arranged everything so that Proklova went with him in the same compartment of the train. And without unnecessary witnesses. So 23-year-old Elena became the mistress of Yankovsky, who then turned 32.

Reasons for parting

Since then, Proklova and Yankovsky have not parted often. Together they went to shootings, tours, festivals. As Elena Igorevna herself admitted, Oleg Ivanovich's wife Lyudmila Zorina knew very well about her husband's romance.

This hobby was far from the only one in Yankovsky's life, so Zorina tried to turn a blind eye to everything that was happening.

Zorina and Proklova even talked to each other and took their children to the rink together. But it was precisely due to the fact that Elena was familiar with Lyudmila and saw their intra-family relationship that she decided to break up.

The reason for the separation was the pregnancy of Proklova. The father of her unborn child was Yankovsky, so the actress decided to have an abortion. Oleg Ivanovich was against such a step. Elena Igorevna recalled that the artist stood under the windows of her house and asked not to do this.

But Proklova was sure that she did not have the right to destroy someone else's family and tie a man to herself with the help of joint children.

Elena went to the operation right on her birthday on September 2. Now she says it was the worst birthday of her life.

I do not regret anything

From that moment on, the relationship between Proklova and Yankovsky came to naught. In general, after the novel, they practically did not communicate.

Only in 2008, at the funeral of Alexander Abdulov, the actors finally exchanged a few words.

It turned out that Oleg Ivanovich had forgiven his passion long ago. Not only that, they both agreed that they did everything right. A few months later, Oleg Yankovsky was gone.

But neither before nor after the death of Oleg Ivanovich Proklov never regretted anything. According to the actress, the feelings were mutual, and besides, it was Yankovsky who was married, she was a free woman. Nevertheless, Elena Igorevna asked for forgiveness from the wife of her former lover and from the families of other men with whom she had ever met.

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