Peskov's Daughter Was Deprived Of Money

Peskov's Daughter Was Deprived Of Money
Peskov's Daughter Was Deprived Of Money

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Liza, the 21-year-old daughter of Putin's press secretary Dmitry Peskov, is a first-year master's degree student at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations. In the future, like her father and grandfather and great-grandfather, she plans to become a diplomat. In the meantime, the girl earns a piece of bread through advertising on her Instagram.

“When I turned 18, they stopped giving me money,” she said in an interview with Forbes.

According to Liza, 3-4 years ago, having arrived from Paris for the whole summer in Moscow, she received money from her father for the last time. The amount was equal to 30 thousand rubles, and when she asked to add another 5 thousand rubles, Peskov shamed her. As a result, the girl bought a bed for 15 thousand, because for some reason she was not in the parental apartment where she settled. Naturally, the remaining money for her life was not enough for her, and she began to sell personal items through Instagram.

Soon, advertisers noticed her on the Internet. The first client was an interior designer who paid her 30,000 rubles for the post. Peskova does not hide the fact that she still lives on earnings from the blog, but she deliberately does not wind up subscribers in order to monetize Instagram even more. For about three years, their number has remained almost unchanged - it remains at about 90 thousand people.

Currently, Lisa charges 40 thousand rubles for mentioning a client in Instagram stories, and for a post - an amount of 60 thousand rubles and more.

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