Why Natalia Selezneva Refused Plastic Surgery

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Why Natalia Selezneva Refused Plastic Surgery
Why Natalia Selezneva Refused Plastic Surgery

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On June 19, in the midst of summer, one of the sunniest and most positive actresses, Natalya Selezneva, celebrates her birthday. She became famous for her roles in the films of Leonid Gaidai, as well as in the television series "Zucchini" 13 Chairs.

Tall, beautiful, with a perky upturned nose and cheerful eyes, the "good girl" Natalya Selezneva looks much younger than her age even today. Apparently, due to his light character and kind attitude towards everyone.

Natasha and her mom are an inseparable whole

As the actress recalls, the brightest picture from her early childhood - little Natasha prays to an unknown God so that he does not take her mother away from her. Mom is sick with typhus, and grandmother said: if you ask well, God will not take her away. And Natasha absolutely could not imagine life without her mother. Mom was the most important thing, life itself

Then everything ended well, but this fear of losing a loved one remained with Natalia for life. And yet - an incredibly strong craving for mom, a desire to constantly be around. When her mother brought her to the first grade, she with difficulty, one finger at a time, was able to unclench her daughter's hand, which clasped her mother's palm, and left.


A scene from the film "Alyosha Ptitsyn develops character", 1953

All 10 school years, according to the actress, she dreamed of somehow getting rid of school. She was ready to do anything - wash, clean, cook, visit her mother's friends. And fate took pity on the girl, arranging for her a long vacation: Natasha, a first-grader, was invited to star in the film "Alyosha Ptitsyn develops character."

Didn't want to live at 14

So, Leningrad entered the life of Selezneva - majestic, sparkling, with gilded domes. It was there that the shooting took place. Natasha and her mother lived in Astoria, in their free time they went to museums - in the Hermitage little Natasha felt like Alice in Wonderland. And most importantly - for a while it turned out to escape from the painful school routine.

Natasha grew older, and as she entered adolescence, she suddenly began to grow very rapidly. At the age of 14, her height was already 175 centimeters! She stood out a lot among her puny short peers - the post-war generation, always undernourished, was not very tall.

The girl was terribly complex, from each ridicule she stooped and lowered her head, trying to appear shorter. And once, in despair, she said to my mother: "I will grow even one centimeter - I will die!"

A wise mother, on reflection, enrolled her daughter in the basketball section. This sport did not captivate the girl too much, but did the main thing - it helped her to believe in herself, because there, high growth instantly turned from a disadvantage into a dignity.

Satire theater and love for life

And in high school, Natasha fell in love with the theater. Together with my mother, I went to all the performances where tickets could be obtained. After graduating from the Shchukin School, having already starred in Gaidai's comedy "Operation Y" and Shurik's Other Adventures, the girl decided to ask for the Satire Theater, because the whole country already knew her as a comedian.

And the main director of the theater, Valentin Pluchek, immediately accepted her. Selezneva had a chance to go on stage with such legends as Andrei Mironov, Anatoly Papanov, Alexander Shirvindt

It was there, in the Theater of Satire, that Natalya Selezneva met Vladimir Andreev, a director and actor. He was much older than her, perhaps that was what attracted the girl - she felt in this man a worldly experience and wisdom that she did not yet possess.


Natalia Selezneva and Vladimir Andreev in the film "Caliph-Stork", 1969

They got married and never parted again. In marriage, a son, Yegor, was born. Natalia always, in all interviews, does not get tired of repeating that she adores her husband and that she is very lucky with him.

"Zucchini" 13 chairs "

Simultaneously with her work in the theater, young Natasha starred in the super popular humorous program of the Soviet years - "The tavern" 13 chairs ", together with her colleagues at the Theater of Satire. The TV show quickly became wildly popular, and with it the actors.


Shot from the TV show "Zucchini" 13 Chairs ", 1966-1980.

"Zucchini" came out for almost 15 years in a row. Of course, this meant a crazy rhythm of life - it was necessary to keep up with the shooting and the theater. But this period developed Natalia's incredible efficiency and discipline. After rehearsals and filming, Natasha did not return home until 11 pm. And a tiny son was waiting at home - Yegor was only 4 months old when the actress went to work, and Natasha's mother helped raise the boy, completely devoting her life to her daughter and grandson.

No plastic surgery! "I will wear my face"

Today Natalia Selezneva has remained the same open, cheerful and beautiful "good girl" that she was at the age of 20. In all the pictures she smiles, the actress literally radiates joy and love of life. Although, of course, there were enough problems and difficulties in her life - like everyone else

Until now, Natalya cannot come to terms with the departure of her mother - despite the fact that she lived a long life and died at a respectable age. The actress had to go through serious illnesses.

But she does not give up and does not become discouraged. The actress does not often appear on the stage of her native Satire Theater - she spends almost all her time with her family, happily communicating with her husband, son and grandchildren. At the dacha Natalya Igorevna plants flowers. And thanks to the fact that the actress has always led a healthy lifestyle, has never tried alcohol or smoked, and in recent years has not eaten meat, she managed to maintain an almost girlish figure.

The actress has never resorted to the services of plastic surgeons. She is convinced that there is nothing worse than an "aging Barbie" and says that she is going to "wear her face."


Still from the film "Ivan Vasilievich Changes His Profession", 1973

We congratulate Natalia Igorevna on her birthday and wish her incredible benevolence, positiveness and charm to please her loved ones and us - loyal and devoted fans for many years!

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