Secret Patrons Of The Stars Of The 90s

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Secret Patrons Of The Stars Of The 90s
Secret Patrons Of The Stars Of The 90s

Video: Secret Patrons Of The Stars Of The 90s

Video: Secret Patrons Of The Stars Of The 90s
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We are used to seeing famous artists and singers on stage. And who is behind them? After all, in order to break into show business, not only talent is not enough. There are some secret patrons, popularly called "daddies", due to which many stars of the domestic show business have become popular. But big people with thick wallets can both help and eliminate. What sacrifices are made for the sake of glory. And who is behind the success of many of the 90s stars?


The story of Katya Lel (Ekaterina Chuprinina)

Ekaterina Chuprinina, known to us as Katya Lel, came to conquer Moscow at the age of 20 from Nalchik. The girl graduated from a music school in her city and dreamed of breaking into the musical Olympus of show business. Katerina had neither acquaintances nor friends in this area, she could only hope for a miracle.

At one of the music competitions, she managed to meet Lev Leshchenko himself, and after a few days she toured with him as a backing vocalist. 2 years passed, and Katya was still behind the famous artist. Lel would never have appeared if it were not for one rich man.

The famous restaurateur, millionaire, friend of many show business stars is Alexander Volkov. He was a cheerful, cheerful, kind, but tough person. By the way, this is one of the first restaurateurs who opened Japanese cuisine to Russians.

His restaurants in London are among the top 5 in the whole UK. The prima donna of the national stage herself owes Volkov to the fact that he organized a tour for her in Berlin at the prestigious congress center, and then her fees doubled.

In general, show business for Alexander was like a hobby. But when he met Catherine, his life would turn upside down. They say that there really was love and strong feelings on his part. Then Katya was 22 years old, and businessman Alexander Volkov was 46 years old.

For his favorite, he was ready for anything and big cash infusions. Katya then had one dream - to break through to the stage and become a famous singer. And Alexander acted like a man in love and fulfilled the wish of his beloved. The ascent to Olympus was carried out with the help of the legendary producer Yuri Shmilevich Aizenshpis.

The first thing he did was change her name to the one we used to hear. Now she had a new passport and a new life began.

Alexander really liked the process of transforming Catherine into a star. The best image makers were involved. Katya was taught to move by the best teachers in London.

For 8 years, the businessman has invested about three million dollars in Katya Lel.

But business and love are not compatible concepts. Moreover, Lel confessed to him that she would never be able to love him, but at the same time continued to live with him.

In 2005 the singer met the producer Maxim Fadeev and released the album "Jaga Jaga". It was this hit that helped the singer to win the hearts of listeners.

Catherine is rapidly gaining popularity. And her rich fan became more and more jealous of his favorite of the stage and popularity. Soon, the crack in their relationship was no longer hidden.

From that moment on, all the phones of the star were tapped, and a guard was assigned to Catherine, who reported to her master every step taken by the singer. Endless scandals and conflicts began. And soon Alexander offered Catherine to work under a contract, and divide the profit in half. The businessman demanded the right to half of the income from the singer's concert activities.

Personal relationships on this finally ended. Katya decided to leave her sponsor Alexander Volkov and, of course, was not going to pay anything.

The war began according to all the harsh rules of show business. Alexander as he could "put a spoke in the wheels" of his former lover, limiting her appearance on television. But Lel won all the court hearings. The higher authorities admitted that Alexander made the cash infusions voluntarily, without a contract, that is, he actually gave them to Catherine, so she did not owe him anything.

The lawsuit exhausted the businessman so much that he was soon diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Before his death, Sasha hoped that Katya would still return to him.

In 2008, on October 15, Lel married a businessman. By a fatal accident, the wedding took place 40 days after the funeral of Alexander Volkov. She is happy and tries not to remember the past, but she cannot forget the affairs of Alexander.


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Natalia Lagoda (Fisak)

Natalia worked as a stripper in the "Dolls" club. These girls had a dream to quit the "naked" business and meet a "sugar daddy" who would be her sponsor. And so it happened. She became a popular singer in the 90s, but it will all end in tragedy. Natalya Lagoda was a real "bomb", she was shot for men's magazines, and her songs sounded from every "iron".

The main advantage of the girl was not her voice, but her natural beauty. Despite the "erotic" past, Natasha was very restrained and modest.

Only the owner of the strip club, Alexander Karmanov, had access to the body of such a beauty. A rich sponsor spent money unthinkable at that time on the favorite. She had a fabulous life: gifts, travel and a beloved man.

Natalia sincerely believed that Alexander would be with her forever. And she is the only lady of his heart for the rest of his life. But at one point she learns that her beloved is having an affair with Olga Orlova. In addition, Olga was already pregnant with Karmanov and would later formalize relations with him. For the singer, such information was a shock, she could not believe that Alexander did this to her.

Without thinking twice, Natalia decides to commit a fatal act. She threw herself out of the window of a Moscow high-rise building, leaving the child alone in the room. By chance, the singer survived, but now she is disabled for life.

Lagoda moved to the Luhansk region and there she met a man with whom she lived for 11 years in love, their marriage was formalized. They lived poorly, but happily, as the singer herself said.

In 2015, the media reported that Natasha died of pneumonia. According to neighbors, the star had been intoxicated for several days, in addition, she and her husband lived in a garage box, where there were drafts. The body was unable to cope with the infection. Natalia was 41 years old.


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Alexandra Antonova

Sasha, like Natalia, also first worked in striptease. Antonova at one time managed to have an affair with the "vodka" king Gaidik Balayan, thanks to him she turned from a dancer into a "Russian Madonna".

With a powerful character, she, like a tractor, walked towards the intended goal. And Yuri Aizenshpis helped her in promotion. The cult producer began working with her for substantial money from her lover. The best composers, the most expensive studios and clips.

The image of an aggressive and mysterious woman, created by the producer, made it impossible to even get close to the star, which undoubtedly fueled the interest of the public.

In 2001, Sasha decided to break off relations with her sponsor Gaidik Balayan. According to the singer, life with him became unbearable because of jealousy. After the breakup of relations, the "vodka" king began to hinder the development of the career of the young singer.

The former lover demanded about a million dollars back. But the girl replied that she owed nothing to anyone. Then the "alcoholic" king got really angry and raised his hand to the girl. She did not apply to the police and the court, she was afraid.

The scandal with the "Russian Madonna" did not end, but moved to a new level. Singer Sasha now lives in America. She had to start all over again.