Sexy Wives Of Billionaires

Sexy Wives Of Billionaires
Sexy Wives Of Billionaires
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Women dream of attractive rich men, and there are not so many handsome billionaires in the world today. However, some of them will not get to dreamy bachelors anyway, because they have long ago acquired second halves. And what do you think the spouses of billionaires look like?

1. Stephanie Seymour, fashion model, wife of publisher and collector Peter Brunt. Stephanie met her future husband in 1995. At that time, Peter was married, with his wife they had five children, but that did not stop him. Brant married Stephanie and they have three children.

2. Amira at-Tawil, princess, ex-wife of Al-Walid ibn Talal. When Amira met her future husband, the nephew of the King of Saudi Arabia, she was 18. Alwaleed is 28 years older than her wife.

3. Alexandra Lenas, singer, wife of Napster, Plaxo and Facebook founder Sean Parker. The billionaire organized a Lord of the Rings wedding for $ 9 million. Now Parker and Lenas have two children.

4. Elena Perminova, fashion model, wife of Alexander Lebedev, Chairman of the Board of Directors of CJSC National Reserve Corporation. The difference between the spouses is 27 years, but Elena was never embarrassed. Elena and Alexander are parents of three children.

5. Alexandra Melnichenko, ex-singer and model, wife of Russian businessman Andrey Melnichenko. After the wedding, Alexandra left her career and devoted herself to her family. The couple have two children.

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