Razin Explained To Relatives Zavorotnyuk

Razin Explained To Relatives Zavorotnyuk
Razin Explained To Relatives Zavorotnyuk
Video: Razin Explained To Relatives Zavorotnyuk
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The famous producer Andrei Razin continues to communicate with the actress's family through social networks. In his opinion, Zavorotnyuk's relatives are doing the right thing when they comment on his statements in public. He is convinced that people need information about the state of the actress and it will be better if the source is relatives, and not him.

Recall that Andrei Razin a few days earlier spoke out, referring to the opinion of a doctor friend that Anastasia Zavorotnyuk is getting better. To which the actress's family replied that the producer had never been her close friend.

"But I only wish Nastya's recovery. Moreover, I want to tell you: the more publicity from you, the more you tell the truth and talk about the state of health, the easier it will be for Nastya, and those doctors who contacted me, they they said terrible things and it was very important for me, as quickly as possible, to awaken your consciousness, "Razin wrote.

The producer stressed that his words come from a pure heart.

Previously, Rambler wrote how the Zavorotnyuk family reacted to the predictions of the elder healer.

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