Shatunov May Lose Songs Of "Tender May"

Shatunov May Lose Songs Of "Tender May"
Shatunov May Lose Songs Of "Tender May"
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Producer Andrei Razin said that Yura Shatunov may be banned from performing the hits of "Tender May". The fact is that the rights to nearly 30 songs belong to Razin himself, and he, as it turned out, is in great conflict with Shatunov's concert director Arkady Kudryashov.

On his instagram, Razin published an extremely emotional post, where he called Kudryashov a "swindler" and said that it was he who was to blame for the fact that Shatunov had renounced his country, his colleagues and friends:

"He did his best to isolate the whole country from Yura Shatunov. He will no longer have any creative future, because he will not be able to sing any songs of the group."

In addition, Razin threatened Kudryashov with criminal prosecution if he did not pay for the copyright and at least once encroached on the hits of "Tender May".

We will remind, recently fans of Yuri alarmed that Shatunov refused to go on tour with the team and perform well-known songs. However, the idol of the 90s called this information unreliable and said that he never refused either "White Roses" or "Gray Night".

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