Semenovich Admitted That She Froze The Eggs

Semenovich Admitted That She Froze The Eggs
Semenovich Admitted That She Froze The Eggs
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40-year-old Anna Semenovich always tried to bypass the topic of family and children. However, the other day she made a frank confession - the singer froze the eggs in anticipation of the father for the unborn baby.

The ex-member of the "Brilliant" group is not deprived of male attention. Anna Semenovich herself confessed more than once: she had many suitors, and with a high income, but it never came to a wedding with any of them. Time is rushing inexorably forward, and at the age of 40, the artist has neither a husband nor children. Semenovich admitted that only recently she began to think about a full-fledged family.

She also made a surprise announcement that shocked the public. It turned out that Anna, dreaming of being a mother, had already frozen her eggs. Now she can only wait for a worthy candidate who will become the father of her kids. Semenovich said that she was ready for future motherhood.

She is going to repeat the freezing procedure again - after the New Year. At the same time, Anna admitted that society is very pressured on her with questions about when she intends to start a family.

It turned out that the singer had matured to motherhood only recently. Earlier, because of work, she did not allow herself to think about children: either because of figure skating, or because of participation in the "Brilliant" group.

In addition to her main work, Anna starred in advertisements, various shows that limited her freedom.

The singer had no time to rest, work took up all her time, and therefore she was afraid that she would not pay due attention to her child. And the artist did not want to leave the baby for a nanny or grandmother.

Now that her schedule has stabilized, and there is more free time, Anna is ready for the appearance of children. She began to read relevant books and in every possible way prepares herself for the joys of motherhood. The star also reported that she has no health problems, so she will give birth on her own. Anna admitted that she dreams of having time to give birth to at least two children.

However, if something goes wrong, she will look for other ways, such as surrogacy. The star also thought about adopting a child: as soon as she gives birth herself, she will soon also take the child from the orphanage. The artist is in no hurry with the creation of a family. Now Anna is faced with the task of finding a worthy father for her future children.

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