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The Most Talked About Persons Of
The Most Talked About Persons Of
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What the stars will not do for the sake of public attention. Here we have scandals, romances, fights, and much, much more. decided to remember which celebrity was most talked about in the past year and what they managed to use to hyip.


Olga Buzova has been at the peak of popularity for several years now and is trying with all her might to maintain the position of one of the most discussed stars of domestic show business. So many things happened to her this year. Holidays on the hot islands with Timur Batrutdinov, shooting a video with the most beautiful criminal in the world Jeremy Mix and a duet with Vitya AK-47 at Dom-2, a candid photo session in Playboy magazine, launching our own cryptocurrency Buzcoin, opening a Buzfood restaurant, presenting an apartment to your PR-manager, shocking images on the red carpet, spectacular horseback riding and in a princess dress at the MUZ-TV awards and, of course, participation in the show "Marry Buzov". In general, the train called "Olya Buzova" is moving at full speed and without stopping.

Svetlana Loboda

Svetlana Loboda in the outgoing year gave fans a lot of topics for discussion. Let's start, perhaps, with the most important thing - with pregnancy, and then with the birth of Tilda's daughter, whose father, according to rumors, was the lead singer of the Rammstein group Till Lindemann. They started talking about their romance back in 2017, but the stars themselves do not comment on their relationship, even though Till took Sveta from the hospital after kidney surgery, and then supported her at a concert in Germany. Perhaps such secrecy is provided for by the contract, which Loboda accidentally let slip in an interview with Baste:

It's not very possible for me, I have a contract.

And, of course, we must not forget about other, no less discussed, topics related to the singer: her twerk in the last months of pregnancy, passionate kisses with a girl in the video, the appearance with a stroller on the cover of a glossy and hot performances in bold outfits almost immediately after giving birth …

Ksenia Sobchak

On March 18, 2018, presidential elections were held in Russia. Ksenia Sobchak also took part in the candidate race with the position “Against all”.

Against everyone - it is against the system that exists today. This is an opportunity to say: "Guys, you shouldn't like Ksenia Sobchak, at the moment it doesn't matter at all." It is important that we are tired of all these people, and they must leave, - she said in an interview with Vladimir Pozner.

Of course, Sobchak's nomination has become one of the most talked about events of the year. However, like the film "The Sobchak Case", in which she told the story of her father - the first mayor of St. Petersburg Anatoly Sobchak. And do not forget about the incessant rumors about pregnancy, which Ksenia herself provoked for the sake of PR. This, by the way, was officially confirmed by her representative and even apologized for the false information.

In another conversation with a Super employee, Kirill Sukhanov, who timidly apologizes for the misunderstanding, said that then, in September, Sobchak knew that he was "draining" her fake "pregnancy" to us.

- told the Telegram channel of the Super portal.

The king of the pop scene Philip Kirkorov decided to give his work a second life and become closer to the younger generation. With the help of the creative group Fastfoxes under the leadership of Ivan Urgant, this year's hit video "The Color of Mood is Blue" was born, authored by Alexander Gudkov. The video turned out to be strange, funny and absolutely different from everything that Philip Bedrosovich did before. Sasha Gudkov has collected top celebrities in the video, forcing them to try on images that are unusual for themselves. Kirkorov turned into a rapper Face, Buzov - into a cashier, and Leps - into a violent drunkard.

A few months later, Philip decided to repeat this success and again called Sasha to shoot something strange for the song "Ibiza", recorded together with Nikolai Baskov. It turned out to remove the strange, but to repeat the success - no. Moreover, after the release of this video, a wave of criticism fell on Kirkorov and Baskov.It got to the point that some listeners made a demand to deprive them of the title of People's Artist of Russia. But the singers found something to answer to this, and again, not without the help of Gudkov. They starred in a parody video for rapper Kanye West's I Love It, in which they sarcastically apologized for Ibiza.

Nastya Ivleeva

Last year, blogger Nastya Ivleeva moved from the Web to TV, becoming the host of the Eagle and Tails show. After that, her career quickly took off. In 2018, Nastya was the host of the MUZ-TV award along with Ksenia Sobchak, Dmitry Nagiyev and Maxim Galkin, starred in clips of Elena Temnikova, Dima Bilan and Ida Galich, launched her own show on the AgentShow YouTube channel, guests of which were Ekaterina Varnava, Alexander Revva, Sergey Lazarev and more.

And, perhaps, most importantly, she started an affair with Elj, and after that she spoke about their relationship in an interview with Yuri Dudyu. The conversation turned out to be more than frank, and Ivleeva's quotes about the size of a man's dignity were scattered into memes.

Yuri Dud

And now about Yuri Duda himself. His YouTube channel "vDud" was launched a year ago and became one of the most popular in record time. Among those whom Yura interviewed were Basta, Konstantin Khabensky, Leonid Agutin, Sergey Shnurov, Ksenia Sobchak, Vladimir Pozner and other famous people. His videos are gaining millions of views. He is not afraid to ask provocative questions, ask about his personal life and raise topics of public concern, and the stars willingly tell him the whole story.

Zemfira, Monetochka, Buckwheat

The conflict between Zemfira, Monetochka and Grechka flared up this summer. The legend of Russian music spoke out very harshly against the young performers, which caused a lot of harsh criticism.

Buckwheat is very bad. terrible voice and appearance. it is difficult to perceive - she cannot sing, the lyrics do not convince, well, she is very ugly. Coin - great lyrics! looks normal, unlike buckwheat. but the voice is disgusting. the vocal timbre is the same instrument. if he is pleasant, you can sing all sorts of nonsense - for example: Zhanna Aguzarova. good luck to both

- she wrote in her social networks (note the author's spelling and punctuation are preserved).

But Zemfira does not care about public discontent. According to her, if a person does not like her outwardly, she can calmly say about it:

Lookism is a terrible word. there are those who I like and there are those who do not. don't you like me ??

A coin decided not to respond to Ramazanova's statements, but Grechka noted that Zemfira is cool and this is her opinion.

Pavel Mamaev and Alexander Kokorin are known not so much for their football achievements as for scandals. In October, all the media spread the news that athletes beat the head of the department of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Denis Pak in a cafe and the driver of TV presenter Olga Ushakova on the street. Kokorin and Mamaev were taken away for interrogation at the OVD, then they planned to put them on the federal wanted list when they did not appear at the appointed time to the investigator, but the players changed their minds and decided to surrender themselves into the hands of the law. The Tverskoy Court of Moscow accused Pavel and Alexander under the article "Hooliganism" and imprisoned them first until December 8, and then extended their arrest until February 2019. In the course of the investigation, more and more details of this story emerged. For example, the fact that Kokorin's younger brother Kirill also participated in the fights, or that during the beating of the head of the department of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Denis Pak, they allowed themselves to make racist statements about him.

Sasha Bortich

24-year-old Sasha Bortich proved by her example that a real actress is capable of doing anything for a good role. In March, the comedy "I'm losing weight" was released, which tells about a girl who is trying to return her beloved by dropping those extra pounds. And if usually the actors are offered to gain weight with the help of makeup and costume, then Sasha decided to get used to the role as much as possible and gained as much as 20 kilograms! After filming was over, Bortich began slowly,but it is true to play sports and bring the figure back to its former shape.

This bold step did not leave anyone indifferent, and the film itself was well appreciated by both film critics and viewers. Sasha's popularity began to grow rapidly. She starred for the covers of many top glossy magazines, gave a lot of interviews, including as part of the "Evening Urgant" show, and also received the title "Woman of the Year" by Glamor magazine.

Pavel Durov

In April, there was only talk that the Tagansky District Court satisfied the claim of Roskomnadzor with the requirement to block Telegram in Russia, a messenger created by Pavel Durov. The fact is that Durov did not provide the FSB with the keys to decrypt the data, allowing them to gain access to users' correspondence. Pasha decided to defend his position to the end. So, on Instagram, he posted a photo on horseback, not forgetting to leave a philosophical signature about freedom, then shared instructions on using the messenger with Telegram users and backed up all this with a picture with a naked pumped-up torso, writing:

My favorite movie is 300. The story of 300 Spartans fighting to defend the freedom of their compatriots will inspire people for thousands of years. PS: News from the front: Russian authorities have blocked 18 million IP addresses to block Telegram, but the app remains available to Russians. Thank you for your support and love.

But that's not all. Telegram users decided to take part in the campaign for a free Internet, which the messenger itself offered them with the help of a mailing list: “For the seventh day, the Russian authorities are blocking Telegram. If you support the free internet, fire a paper plane out of your window at exactly 7 pm today. " And in order not to arrange massive pollution, Durov called on an hour after the action to arrange a clean-up day and collect all the airplanes. Telegram, by the way, was never blocked.

Oksana Voevodina

"Miss Moscow - 2015" Oksana Voevodina made not only all of Russia, but also Malaysia talk about herself. Still would! The 25-year-old Russian beauty married the 49-year-old King of Malaysia Muhammad V at the Moscow Barvikha Concert Hall. For the sake of her beloved, the girl converted to Islam, took the Muslim name Rihan and even learned to wear a hijab. Only now Oksana is not destined to become queen. This title can only be obtained by a native Malaysian. But Voevodina is not upset and is already preparing to become a mother, for which she specially flew to a reproductive clinic in Germany.

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