Who Were The Parents Of Valery Leontiev

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Who Were The Parents Of Valery Leontiev
Who Were The Parents Of Valery Leontiev
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Even being already a famous artist, Valery Leontyev always represented Ekaterina Ivanovna Leontyev, a livestock specialist by profession, as his own mother. However, in reality, the woman is not his biological mother. The singer's real mother was his older sister Maya.

Sister's son?

Valery turned out to be a late child in the family of reindeer herders-zootechnicians Ekaterina Ivanovna and Yakov Stepanovich Leontyev. His mother gave birth to him at 43. Before him, the couple had a daughter, Maya, who was 19 years older than Valery. It was Maya, according to one of the versions, who was the singer's real mother. In the village of Ust-Usa, which is located on the territory of the former Komi Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, Maya Leontyeva was known as the first beauty. The girl was looked after by many local guys. However, Maya chose a visiting gypsy. Soon the young man left, and the Leontyevs' daughter realized that she was expecting a child. In order to hide the shame and give her daughter in marriage, Ekaterina Ivanovna registered the newborn boy as herself and even gave him a patronymic "Yakovlevich", "after his father." They decided to hide this fact from Valery. So he became the brother of his own mother.

Gypsy or legal husband?

According to the official biography of the singer, when the future singer was 12 years old, the Leontyev couple moved to the Ivanovo region in the city of Yuryevets. Although, according to the recollections of eyewitnesses of those events, Valery arrived there alone and settled in the family of his sister and her husband. However, Maya herself has always denied this statement. She has repeatedly stated that Valery moved to the Ivanovo region with his parents. Be that as it may, the singer lived in Yuryevets until he came of age, so there is no reason not to trust the testimonies of local residents who watched the fate of the future vocalist for 6 long years. Many of them still do not doubt that Valery was the son of the late Maya. However, everyone considers the father of the singer not to be an unnamed gypsy, but the legal husband of Maya George. Moreover, in the opinion of the townspeople, Valery is very similar to him. Why, in this case, Ekaterina Ivanovna and Yakov Stepanovich needed to hide the truth remains unclear.

Second mother

When Maya Rudaya (the surname of Leontyev's sister by her husband) died, Valery Yakovlevich was very grieving and called her nothing but his “second mother”. After Maya's death in 2005, a close friend of the artist, Alexander Bogdanovich, admitted in an interview with one of the Russian publications that Rudaya was in fact Leontyev's mother. About this, according to Bogdanovich, the singer knew very well. But he is the only one. Even his wife Lyudmila Isakovich did not suspect the secret of Valeria's birth. Nevertheless, 2 years later, a denial of this rumor appeared in the press. And Valery Leontiev himself refuted it. He claimed that his sister had never even hinted to him about something similar. In addition, Leontyev reminded journalists and readers that there are no documents that could become strong evidence of such a story.

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