Celebrities Who Don't Communicate With Their Parents

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Celebrities Who Don't Communicate With Their Parents
Celebrities Who Don't Communicate With Their Parents
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Some stars have failed to build relationships with their moms and dads.

Nastasya Samburskaya

The Univer star has repeatedly said that there are no parents for her. They ruined her childhood and did not follow the girl at all. The girl also did not receive a proper education. Even the surname Samburskaya is not a native surname. She took it from relatives with whom she lived for some time.

Ksenia Borodina

The TV presenter does not maintain any relationship with her brother and father. As a child, she was friends with her brother, but then they drifted away and no longer communicated. And she took the name of Borodin from her mother. At birth, Xenia had the surname Amoeva. The end of the relationship between her daughter and father came when Ksenia canceled her birthday party for the sake of meeting her dad, but he never showed up.

Svetlana Hodchenkova

Svetlana does not communicate with her own father. Viktor Khodchenkov complained that he had no money. A man cannot renovate his apartment, which is on the brink of ruin. Khodchenkova did not react to this in any way, this is understandable, because she was raised only by her mother.


Adele doesn't want to know anything about her father. He never even saw his grandson - the singer's son. It is known that the mother gave birth to a star at the age of 17. And her father left the family when Adele was three years old. The singer once admitted that she does not love her father right on stage, saying words of gratitude to her manager: “We have been together for 10 years. And I love you like a father. I don't love my real father, that's the point. So that I love you as I would love my father."

Jennifer Aniston

The turning point in Jennifer's relationship with her mother was that the actress's mother did something stupid. Nancy Doe is a former model. She was very demanding all her life and developed complexes in her daughter, pointing out flaws in her appearance. And then Nancy wrote a book about Jennifer's personal life. After that, they no longer spoke.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry's father did not take part in the growing up of his daughter. She is still offended at him for this and believes that it has always been difficult for her to build relationships with men precisely because she grew up without a father.

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