Irina Krug: "Most Likely, My Husband And I Will Part Ways"

Irina Krug: "Most Likely, My Husband And I Will Part Ways"
Irina Krug: "Most Likely, My Husband And I Will Part Ways"

Video: Irina Krug: "Most Likely, My Husband And I Will Part Ways"

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Irina Krug told how her personal life develops after the death of her husband, the legendary singer.


This year marks 15 years since the legendary chansonnier Mikhail Krug is no longer with us. Bard was shot dead in his own house in the Tver region, where he was with his entire family. Many programs were filmed about this crime, a series was released, a large investigation was carried out, but the cause of the murder has not yet been revealed.

According to one version, the attackers wanted to rob the Circle, and according to the other, they were executors of contract murder. After the death of Mikhail, his wife Irina continued her husband's business, becoming a singer in the chanson genre.

Their love story resembles a fairy tale about Cinderella. There is only one difference - in the case of Mikhail and Irina, there was no happy ending. In 1999, the performer of Russian chanson Mikhail Vorobyov, known under the pseudonym Krug, visited the Chelyabinsk restaurant "Malakhit", where he noticed a pretty young waitress named Irina. The artist really liked her, but he did not dare to romantic advances, but offered the beauty a job as a costume designer in his team. The girl immediately agreed. The circle took her to his place in Tver, and the working relationship after some time grew into love. At that time, Irina had an unsuccessful marriage behind her, and in her arms was a four-year-old daughter Marina, whom Mikhail accepted as his own. In 2001, they signed. But the happiness lasted only a year. 2002 brought Irina both great joy and great grief. The fruit of their love with her husband was born - the son of Sasha, but less than a month and a half from the day of his birth, Mikhail was killed. The performer of the hits "Vladimirsky Central", "Come to My House", "Kolshchik", "Girl-Pai" was 40 years old. Irina could not recover for a long time after a great loss, but then she decided to continue her husband's business, becoming a singer.

- I went through a very difficult path, - Irina admits. - I kept the pseudonym Misha for myself, because I really liked him. But it only seems that, having a well-known surname, it is easy to achieve success in music. On the contrary, it was doubly difficult for me. Because from all sides everyone was pecking at me, saying: "Why did she do that?" I lived in a rented apartment in Khimki, there were financial difficulties, nobody needed me. It was very difficult, but I tried to go forward.

The names of Irina's songs speak for themselves: "The first autumn of separation", "Where are you?", "Love story". She dedicated many compositions to Mikhail. Four years after his death, Irina was left alone. But in 2006, a new feeling came into her life. She married businessman Sergei Belousov, and eight years later gave birth to his son Andrei. But in a conversation with our correspondents, Irina admitted that lately their life with her husband is not going well.

“Now is a very difficult period in my family,” sighs Irina, lowering her eyes. - Most likely my husband and I will disperse.

It turns out that after the death of Mikhail Irina never found harmony in love. But on the other hand, all three of her children are nearby and every day they delight their mother with their success. And 16-year-old Sasha is already eager to go to the stage.

“All my children are busy,” the artist boasts. - Middle school, the oldest is already 22, she works, the youngest is 4, goes to kindergarten. Sasha really wants to sing with us. Misha has a lot of musical material left, I would like my son to perform it. But for now, he likes rap. Yes, I understand that he is still very young for a chanson. I am not a producer at all, I will try, of course, to help my child in everything and give the right advice.

Irina loves her children so much that for many years, despite her creative success, she refuses to work on New Year's Eve. She is always ready to exchange huge fees for a quiet home evening with her sons and daughter.

- I never work on the night of December 31 to January 1.

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