Orlova Gave The Fans A "test For Perfection"

Orlova Gave The Fans A "test For Perfection"
Orlova Gave The Fans A "test For Perfection"

Video: Orlova Gave The Fans A "test For Perfection"

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The presenter asked if the girls were ready to restrain themselves and not make scenes for their men.

The singer and presenter Olga Orlova, who shared a quote from Coco Chanel about ideal women, arranged another dispute on her Instagram. The great Frenchwoman once said that the ideal woman is the ability to restrain oneself when it is offensive, and not to make scenes when it hurts. The star asked her subscribers if they agree with the catch phrase and do they follow it in everyday life?

Apart from the compliments to Olga Orlova about her figure, hairstyle and dress, we can say that a kind of test for "ideality" failed. For the most part, the girls admitted that although they had heard the words of Chanel, they were not even going to follow the set standard.

“That's why such a man, if you have to restrain yourself. I always liked the way I am. We went crazy … I was special, mysterious. Yes, a tough nut to crack!”- writes one of Orlova's fans.

“The main thing is just to find your man, with whom you don't need all the theories and excuses. Then all psychological definitions will crumble by themselves,”the fan is sure.

“Oh, it is necessary to comprehend the wisdom of life and understand that everyone is different and not quite healthy in order to calmly perceive the situation. In general, occasionally you can arrange a scene or conduct a conversation to achieve victory. It depends on what it turns out better. It makes no sense to endure, it is checked. Keep silent, they will think that you can do this further,”the subscriber shares her experience.

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