Out Of Style: Artists Who Look Messy

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Out Of Style: Artists Who Look Messy
Out Of Style: Artists Who Look Messy

Video: Out Of Style: Artists Who Look Messy

Video: Out Of Style: Artists Who Look Messy
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We will tell you which of the stars in ordinary life does not think about their appearance.

In her best years, Britney admired fans and gave no reason for haters to criticize her, because there was nothing to complain about. However, in the singer's life there were many sad moments that crippled the mental health of the star, and the consequences of which can still be traced.

Having gained more freedom, the artist herself can collect her wardrobe and do her own makeup, which she often demonstrates in her videos on Instagram. However, Britney can hardly be called a stylish thing: even if a stylist prepares an image for a singer, she can easily change it the way she likes, and sometimes such amendments turn her releases into fashion failures.

In addition, the girl loves to go to bed without washing off her makeup, which can be called a real killer for the skin, and mascara smudges in the morning do not add Spears' charm.

We decided to remember which of the stars also does not consider it necessary to watch themselves too carefully, even if they are watched by millions.

Mila Kunis

The actress always looks great, which is natural after many hours of work as a stylist, but the paparazzi often catch a girl on the street, where the girl looks, to put it mildly, not Hollywood: stretched things and disheveled hair.


The singer tries not to appear in public in an untidy state, but it happens. For many fans, seeing your favorite artist with a stale head covered with a cap, dark glasses and a cigarette is a real challenge, especially considering how great Adele can look at her performances and various events.

Courtney Love

Rocker has already become synonymous with an unkempt woman, even if she has every opportunity to put herself in order. But the rock star does not seek to please the public by wearing a floral dress and not combing his hair when leaving the house.

Helena Bonham Carter

The actress is a real challenge to the fashion world. Helena cannot be called completely untidy, rather, she has her own unique style, which will not suit everyone. Only a very brave woman can afford such an unusual combination of things.

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