Fashion Fiasco: Kvitko Put On Thong Pants

Fashion Fiasco: Kvitko Put On Thong Pants
Fashion Fiasco: Kvitko Put On Thong Pants
Video: Fashion Fiasco: Kvitko Put On Thong Pants
Video: Wearing 30 Thongs At Once Underwear Challenge! 2023, February

The model no longer knows how else to show its forms.

Anastasia Kvitko has never had a good taste. Her outfits usually evoke one desire: to wrap the girl in a blanket. Even the most loyal fans agree that it would be better if the girl wore only her favorite micro swimwear: at least it is difficult to spoil the image with a couple of pieces of fabric. But even though Nastya lives in sunny California, she still cannot do with bikinis. And the latest fashionable bow of this star simply shocked the fans.

Looking at the pants of a dusty pink color, you won't immediately understand: either they are completely transparent, or the model wore white thongs over the pants, or this is such an idea of ​​a fashion designer. In any case, it looks, to put it mildly, strange. And the ridiculous ruffles on the trousers and sports bright sneakers, with which Kvitko decided to complement her outfit, cause bewilderment. Even the lacy leggings recently demonstrated by the model pale before this fashion madness.

But why be surprised? Anastasia's subscribers have known for a long time: her wardrobe consists of ultra-short tight dresses, short tops and tight leggings. And the girl does not care at all that the “noodle” outfits have long gone out of fashion, and the deep neckline is inappropriate in everyday life.

Even her rival Kim Karadashian balances her sexy looks with unisex pieces. But Kvitko believes: the more body you can show in a particular piece of clothing, the cooler it is.

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