Borodina Decided To Measure Her Buttocks With Kardashian

Borodina Decided To Measure Her Buttocks With Kardashian
Borodina Decided To Measure Her Buttocks With Kardashian

Video: Borodina Decided To Measure Her Buttocks With Kardashian

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And the presenter seems to look even more seductive.

Ksenia Borodina can rightfully be proud of her figure. Unlike many star colleagues, she did not exhaust herself with diets, but she did not overeat sweets. Ksenia worked hard all spring on her forms in the gym, and achieved amazing results.

At least her beach photos now invariably delight fans. And the last picture, in which Borodina showed not only a thin waist, but also mouth-watering buttocks, was unambiguously called bombic by the followers.

The figure of the leading "House-2" has already been compared with the body of Kim Kardashian, and with the forms of Anastasia Kvitko. The difference, the subscribers counted, is only that Xenia did not have plastic operations. Yes, and in Photoshop, unlike the same Kvitko, she does not need. "Such a figure after the birth of two children," - admired the subscribers, who know firsthand what it means to get in shape after the birth of a baby. "Just an hourglass!"

Recall that after the winter holidays, the TV presenter decided to urgently lose weight. She began to go for an anti-cellulite massage and, in addition, went to the gym to pump muscles. “Before the rest, I set myself the goal of going to the gym 4 times. Two strength and two times cardio. Today - 4.5 km, - Ksenia boasted to her followers. "Yesterday, the security forces, and tomorrow morning, the security forces again."

From time to time, she showed her breakfasts on Instagram, and Xenia had, for example, five boiled eggs and boiled broccoli on her plate. That is, the menu is like a real athlete preparing for a marathon. And this is the result she got thanks to the iron willpower! It seems that fans should take an example from Xenia.

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