Parfenov's Daughter Told Why In Childhood She Considered Herself An Adopted Child

Parfenov's Daughter Told Why In Childhood She Considered Herself An Adopted Child
Parfenov's Daughter Told Why In Childhood She Considered Herself An Adopted Child

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The girl and her parents had to deal with dyslexia and other developmental disabilities.


Famous journalist, writer, TV presenter, director and actor Leonid Parfenov has been married since 1987 to TV presenter and journalist Elena Chekalova. Together, the couple raised their son Ivan and daughter Maria, who received an excellent education. Recently, Maria gave an interview in which she admitted that her parents had a hard time with her. The fact is that the daughter of famous journalists is a person with dyslexia. Maria is now a co-founder of the Dyslexic Parents and Children Association, has an excellent job and is quite famous in certain circles. However, as a child, she had a hard time. Dyslexia prevented Mary from learning and gaining knowledge on an equal basis with everyone else, and in Russia, until now, many residents are not very familiar with this feature and how to bring up such children. The other day, Maria, the daughter of Leonid Parfenov, gave a great interview, telling about how she managed to overcome all difficulties and why now she helps everyone who asks for help with the same problems.

Maria understood that her parents were very worried, but could not achieve the success required of her.

She explains that children with dyslexia often have poor organizational skills, have problems with performing sequential actions, difficulties with determining the time on the clock, such children often confuse the days of the week or the seasons. Such children sometimes get tired quickly when reading, confuse the order of letters, can skip words, jump over sentences or paragraphs. Just reading for them puts 4-5 times more stress on the brain than for the rest.

Now imagine that in front of you is a set of similar hooks and sticks that get confused in your head when you read it, and you still need to pick up the right sounds for them, and a teacher is standing over you and yelling: “What are you, Gordeeva, completely stupid (lazy, nothing do you think, do not want to work like everyone else, you cannot read one simple sentence)? " And then she - this teacher - stands and tells your parents in front of you that you read a few (few!) Words per minute and do not drag out at all. It's better to die at this moment, honestly

- says Maria.

According to her, every parent should remember that even genius is a deviation from the norm, and therefore there is no need to be ashamed of any peculiarities in a child. Dyslexic children often have problems processing information and constructing sentences, but they are better at remembering visual examples and stories. “Children with dyslexia are more likely to remember who and what gave their cousin for her birthday two years ago and what she was wearing that day than her class schedule. They know exactly how the water cycle or the internal combustion engine works, but it is difficult for them to write all letters of the same size on one ruler or solve examples "in a chain," explains Maria.

And most importantly, at the same time, not to require the child to be like everyone else, but to find teachers who can teach him using the methods that a child with disabilities learns best.

How many people in general understand that we are dealing with a peculiarity of the perception of information, genetically inherent, like the color of eyes or hair. That the same feature has, for example, Bill Gates or Tom Cruise. Probably, its owner is likely to be more creative than other children, and perhaps even grow up to be a genius. Or maybe not. But the main thing is that this feature cannot be changed by education. But you can easily ruin the life of its owner,

- concluded Maria.

Recall that Maria Parfenova was born in 1993. She has an older brother Ivan, who was born in 1988.By the way, he has already managed to make his parents grandparents. In February 2018, Ivan had a son, who was named Mikhail.

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