Miro Criticized Pugacheva And Lavrentieva

Miro Criticized Pugacheva And Lavrentieva
Miro Criticized Pugacheva And Lavrentieva

Video: Miro Criticized Pugacheva And Lavrentieva

Video: Miro Criticized Pugacheva And Lavrentieva
Video: Музыкалити - Алла Пугачёва и Баста 2023, March

Blogger Lena Miro published a new post in her LiveJournal, which she dedicated to different types of people. The girl compared Alla Pugacheva and Oksana Lavrentieva to each other.

Alla Pugacheva does not hide the fact that she frankly does not care at all. On you, on spectators, on power, in general, on everything - even on Russian Railways.

What, cattle, outraged you that I drove up to my carriage in my limousine? Shit on you, Alla broadcasts, and this reaction, oddly enough, is a good position.

According to Miro, despite the ambiguity of her actions, Pugacheva can be praised because her position can be called honest. She does not expect anything from anyone, does not accuse anyone of anything, and if she wants something, she takes it and achieves it.

And the fact that she sometimes behaves like a scoundrel, and does not deny it, and therefore - well done!

Then she compared her to the socialite Oksana Lavrentieva. According to Miro, the only thing this woman is known for is her relationship with the "moneybag".

The reason for the discussion of Lavrntyeva was the post that she published on her Instagram. Oksana brought up the topic of early growing up of women and why some girls decide that it's okay to fight their way into life through bed.

Where do you think women come from who, with their body, appearance and seduction, make their way?

They grow out of girls, those in the comments, whom uncles, dads, teachers at 5, 7, 12, 15 and further pinched in corners, raped and persuaded to sexual acts.

In order for a woman to be ready to “endure” in exchange for a role, a purse, maintenance, or to get married, she must learn to endure somewhere and consider it the norm of life.

The reaction to violence is different for everyone, and if some women all their lives are then afraid of men and sex in principle and consider it dirt, others begin to use sex as a “main weapon”. Both are unhappy, just the "mask" is different,

- wrote Lavrentieva in her post. Miro believes that this is just Oksana's desire to blame anyone but herself for her life decisions:

That is, to summarize: Oksana is not to blame for her fortieth year!

It is not Oksana's fault, but dad, dad's friend, the money-bag and all those to whom she gave for the sake of nishtyachki!

Trololka does not admit to herself that it would be her personal choice. Her actions, her area of responsibility, and looking for an excuse!

Miro summed up: such women are disgusting to her. In her opinion, blaming others for your own decisions is illogical and very strange. Then she returned to the main topic of her post: a comparison between Lavrentieva and Pugacheva:

We see that we have not very good people on both sides.

But if Pugacheva does not deny anything, then Lavrentieva is struggling to find someone to blame.

So now tell me frankly, which type is more disgusting to you: an open bastard who admits that he is a scoundrel, or a mean little soul who blames everyone around for his shortcomings?

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