Is He Really Your Child?: Lazarev's Son Does Not Look Like Him

Is He Really Your Child?: Lazarev's Son Does Not Look Like Him
Is He Really Your Child?: Lazarev's Son Does Not Look Like Him

Video: Is He Really Your Child?: Lazarev's Son Does Not Look Like Him

Video: Your son is not biracial...So there is no way I'm the dad! | The Maury Show 2022, December

Popular singer Sergei Lazarev unveiled a joint picture with his 4-year-old son Nikita. And looking at the happy family, the fans could not contain their surprise, because the boy seemed to them completely different from his father.

Not so long ago, the singer Sergei Lazarev shocked his fans by admitting to them that, having neither a wife nor a friend of the heart, he was raising a son named Nikita, whom a surrogate mother gave birth to and carried. However, having recovered from the shock, the admirers began to look closely at the child, trying to find the features of their favorite idol in his small face.

Alas, to their disappointment, there was no obvious resemblance between Sergei and Nikita. And in a recent photograph, the difference between dad and son was so great that ordinary people involuntarily wondered if Lazarev was the biological father of the child.

The singer unveiled a photo in which, together with his heir, he rooted for our national team during their match. Well, since both the angle and head tilt of Nikita and Sergei were the same, the townsfolk could not resist the temptation to re-discuss the differences between father and son. The color of the hair, the shape of the eyebrows, the color and shape of the eyes, the shape of the nose - everything, no matter what the eyes of the fans fell on, were completely different for the two people in the photo. Therefore, some courageous netizens saw in this another palace intrigue and allowed themselves to doubt that Lazarev was really Nikita's own father.

“Well, you’re not in the least bit. The breed is completely different.”“For me, you don't look alike at all.”“Is he really your child? You are very different. " And in general, he looks like Ani Lorak " For the first time I see that father and son are not so similar " It's a shame, probably, to spend so much money and effort on a surrogate child, so that in the end it turned out like this. Lazarev never ran around, apparently, the appearance of his biological mother " The blond blue-eyed, he didn't take anything from you " The case when the child looks like a neighbor " I wonder what he will be like when he grows up? " There are none of your features yet"

It is curious that if the admirers have not yet decided who the young heir of Sergei Lazarev looks like, then they have already found a double for their idol. In connection with the World Cup, which is taking place in Russia, the public was able to take a good look at the famous football player Lionel Messi and was struck by the similarities that exist between the pop singer and the legendary striker.

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