Nyusha Showed A Figure In The Ninth Month Of Pregnancy

Nyusha Showed A Figure In The Ninth Month Of Pregnancy
Nyusha Showed A Figure In The Ninth Month Of Pregnancy

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The star did not hesitate to post a photo in a swimsuit on the Web.

The popular singer Nyusha recently became a mother for the first time. The star gave birth to a wonderful daughter to her beloved husband, Igor Sivov. However, she still hasn't forgotten how she felt during pregnancy, especially in the ninth month. Today Nyusha decided to share a unique photo with her fans. The star shared a photo in a swimsuit, which was taken shortly before giving birth. The picture shows how big Nyusha's belly became at the end of pregnancy.

Subscribers to this frame reacted ambiguously. Some noted that at this stage of pregnancy, you should not be photographed in a swimsuit, and then also post the picture on social networks. And others, on the contrary, said that the artist looks great. “How cute”, “Waiting for a miracle !!! "," Wow, there are two "," Cute bun "," What a big belly "," Maybe you shouldn't upload such photos? This is a beautiful photo, but for the family's personal archive. This is my personal opinion”,“How can such a photo be shown to everyone?”,“This is the most beautiful figure,”- this is how subscribers reacted differently in the comments.

Recall: on November 6, Nyusha announced that she had become a mother. The spouse of the star touchingly congratulated her on social networks, and then publicly turned to men, amazed by the strength and resilience of his wife during childbirth.

“I am a father three times, but for the first time I decided to be with my beloved at this mysterious event. Guys - what I saw and felt - it can never be felt in ordinary life. After that, I am even more confident in one thing: WOMEN are a miracle, and they need to be loved, cared for and carried in their arms. No man can handle what women face during childbirth. Take care of your women. Now I will definitely stop arguing at all, grumbling, expressing any reproaches to my beloved and beloved wife,”he wrote.

By the way, Nyusha has already told fans about the first days after the appearance of the baby. According to the star, she is now resting and devoting time to her family.

Note that in the summer, Nyusha interrupted her active concert activities before the baby was born. She didn’t even come to the “Heat” festival in Baku, which all the stars of Russian show business traditionally try to visit.

Recall that in January 2017, Nyusha announced her engagement to her chosen one Igor Sivov. Some time later, the media reported that the couple had a secret wedding. Since then, rumors about the pregnancy of the star have appeared in the press and social networks, which in the end turned out to be true. Now fans are eagerly awaiting news on how the parents named the baby.

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