Why The Wife Of Alexander Barykin Was Accused Of The Death Of The Singer

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Why The Wife Of Alexander Barykin Was Accused Of The Death Of The Singer
Why The Wife Of Alexander Barykin Was Accused Of The Death Of The Singer
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"Narva flowers and give a bouquet to the girl I love …". The song "Bouquet" in the late 80s sounded, as they say, "from every iron." February 18 is the birthday of Alexander Barykin, who wrote and performed this hit and many other songs.

Despite the fact that Barykin gained wide popularity as a performer of "pop", his real fans understood well: this is a forced step, but in fact Alexander is a rocker both in character and in musical preferences.

He passed away in March 2011 - he suffered a heart attack. Then many blamed his young wife Nelly for the death of the singer.

First successes

Alexander's childhood was spent in Lyubertsy near Moscow, where he attended both a regular school and a music school - even then the teachers noted his undoubted talent. As a teenager, Sasha began to compose songs and perform them at school evenings as part of his first group.

After the end of "Gnesinka" Barykin sang for some time in the group "Funny guys", managed to travel with them on tour - including abroad. But then he felt cramped within the framework established by others. Barykin created his own team and called it "Carnival". It was that period that became the most successful for the singer and composer.

It was real rock, such performers at that time - in the early 80s - in our country could be counted on one hand. And the songs of "Carnival" were heard from every window, their cassettes were copied from each other and heard almost to the holes. In 1982, Vladimir Kuzmin left the group, and Barykin renewed the composition of "Carnival", after which he released the album "Carousel" with the main hit - the song "Island".

When rock is forbidden

In the mid-1980s, the authorities began to work hard to eradicate the "alien culture" in the country. Rock music was the first item on the list. In high offices, "black lists" were drawn up with the names of groups and the names of artists whose music was strictly prohibited.

At that time, Barykin, in order not to disappear from the stage altogether, made a compromise - he agreed to sing "songs of Soviet composers." This made it possible to hold out in troubled times in the hope that the draconian methods would not be used forever.

And Barykin, to the surprise and displeasure of his fans-rockers, appeared in the New Year's “blue light” with the pop comic song “Program of programs”. After this song, many adherents of his work turned away from Barykin. True, others came in their place - the performance on TV brought Barykin really wide fame. But this was not the same fame …

As the persecution of rock continued, many bands had to adjust to the demands of the system. Barykin turned to composer David Tukhmanov for help, and he allowed the singer to perform several of his songs in front of the artistic council. Then Barykin had the opportunity to publish a new album - "Steps", in which the musician included, in addition to Tukhmanov's songs, his own compositions, including - "The Reserve Player". The album was a success, old fans again listened to their idol. And "Carnival" started touring again with concerts.

"Bouquet" and new times

When Barykin read Nikolai Rubtsov's poem "Bouquet", he immediately understood: here it is, a ready hit! And he wrote music to him, according to him, literally in 15 minutes. When the host of the next concert announced the song "Bouquet", Barykin was already presented as an independent singer. They hardly remembered Carnival.

In the early 90s, other times began - there were no more prohibitions, complete freedom for creativity. And Barykin releases a new magnetic album - the hard-rock "Hey, look!". However, the next album - "Russian Beach" - became a real disaster for the musician, but despite the failure, he continued to write and perform his music.In addition, old Carnival discs were also produced. In 1996, one of Alexander's most successful albums, "Islands", was released.

Young wife

He lived with his first wife Galina Barykin for 30 years, in this marriage was born a son, George, and 18 years later, a daughter, Kira. After the divorce, the musician lived alone for some time. The eldest son participated in his projects, was a member of the group, and went on tour with his father.

And then 52-year-old Alexander was introduced to a young girl Nellie - at that time she was only 19 years old, a native of Chita worked in the tax office and wrote good poetry in her free time. Barykin invited her on a date … And a year later he made an offer, and the young began to live together.

Nelly wrote lyrics for Barykin, often accompanied him on tour and even went on stage to sing a duet with her husband.

In this marriage, the daughter of Eugene was born. But it became more and more difficult to survive - Alexander gave almost everything he earned to his ex-wife, feeling his guilt before the children. Nelly wanted to start a solo career, but her husband was against it. Friction began, then scandals …

Meanwhile, Alexander by that time already had a completely worn out sick heart. In recent years, he had to go to the cardio center for treatment more than once. And the thyroid gland let down - after performing in 1986 in Chernobyl, Barykin began to have problems with his voice. And at that moment the young wife left him, taking his daughter.

The woman then explained her act by the fact that she needed to somehow feed the baby, and Barykin not only did not help her get a job, but in every possible way interfered, insisting that she do the housework. Barykin took his wife's departure very hard, he really loved her, according to the testimony of friends.



Monument to A. Barykin at the Troekurovsky cemetery

On March 26, 2011, right during the next performance, the singer became ill. They called an ambulance, but nothing could be done - his heart stopped. The musician's friends believed that one of the reasons for his death was Nelly's behavior, although the widow herself tried to justify herself, explaining that Alexander already had a new passion at that time, and he resigned himself to Nelly's departure. However, many of Barykin's friends have not changed their minds today.

Nellie soon married, bringing her husband to the apartment bought by Alexander and putting him behind the wheel of a Honda that her husband had once given her. Barykina's mother, with whom Nellie first talked and then stopped, said that the new husband mistreated Nellie, raised his hand against her, did not want to work … Maybe so fate decided to punish the woman who broke the musician's heart?

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