Kuzmin Told Why He Returned To Russia

Kuzmin Told Why He Returned To Russia
Kuzmin Told Why He Returned To Russia
Video: Kuzmin Told Why He Returned To Russia
Video: Владимир Кузьмин - Эй, красотка 2023, February

Musician Vladimir Kuzmin told why he left for America and why he returned to Russia. He shared this with the listeners of the radio in the studio "Evening show with Alla Dovlatova".

“I thought America was a fairy tale. I thought that only there I could play real music, so I left. Where we just didn’t work and didn’t sing. But mostly we still played other people's music there.”, - said the musician about his work in the States.


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Soon Kuzmin realized that he was still drawn to his homeland.

“Three years later, I suddenly asked myself the question:“What am I doing here?” I decided to go back to Russia, although most of the guys from Dinamik stayed there. I realized that they were waiting for me in Russia, but not there. Although I have proved that I am an international musician, but nothing more,”the musician explained.

Vladimir Kuzmin left in 1990 with his group "Dynamic" for California. The artists performed in American nightclubs and recorded two English-language albums.

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