Pugacheva Cried Bitterly After The Break

Pugacheva Cried Bitterly After The Break
Pugacheva Cried Bitterly After The Break
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Vladimir Kuzmin filed for divorce after 17 years of marriage. Relatives claim that the artist is very loving, but only music is his true love.

According to the former actress Victoria Lazich, Vladimir Kuzmin is an amorous nature, for which romantic hobby allows you to create new works. Lazic is sure that he has always loved music first and foremost.

"My friend, a close friend of Alla Pugacheva, told how Alla cried bitterly when Kuzmin, after a two-year romance, announced to her that he fell in love with another. She understood that she could not keep this violent nature. But she suffered because of the breakup, because really loved this person ", - the site" Komsomolskaya Pravda "quotes Victoria Lazich.

In the musical get-together, Vladimir Kuzmin was nicknamed Kuzi. Pugacheva ran around with him like a child. "Kuzya greatly excited Alla Borisovna. The way Alla adored Kuza was obvious to everyone, including her husband Boldin, who suffered and endured. He was angry, asking me who this curly-haired man came from. Kuzya followed her, helped him, promoted him. I bought him fashionable things, gave him a new guitar, "- said the first creator of the" Dynamic "group, composer Yuri Chernavsky.

His wife Tatyana noted that while Kuzmin was meeting with Pugacheva, a completely different woman was pregnant from him. And the rocker also had a fleeting relationship with a black girl at a hotel in Rostov-on-Don, where he was on tour. The most interesting thing is that she became pregnant and gave birth to a daughter to the artist, whom Kuzmin had recently met.

On the sidelines, they say that Vladimir broke up with his current wife, Catherine, because of her new hobbies. "Katya and Kuzmin began to spend a lot of time apart, and this does not unite the marriage," said an acquaintance of the musician. "Katya tortured him with her psychology, mysticism, tried to introduce him to spiritual quests. She exhausts herself with diets, does yoga, and lost a lot of weight. All this bored Vladimir. He endured, but tired."

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