Olga Buzova: "I Need A Man Without Diapers"

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Olga Buzova: "I Need A Man Without Diapers"
Olga Buzova: "I Need A Man Without Diapers"

Video: Olga Buzova: "I Need A Man Without Diapers"

Video: Olga Buzova: "I Need A Man Without Diapers"
Video: Ольга Бузова Live - Премия Муз ТВ 2020 2023, October

The main star of our time * is about longing for a strong shoulder, pain in the heart and faith in oneself.

* Well, many people think so!

Everything at Olya is good and beautiful: on TV, on stage, in business. It remains to eliminate one flaw: to finally find a husband in order to become impeccably happy. The native TV channel volunteered to help: on August 26, the reality show "Marry Buzov" begins on TNT. Why get married, and not "Marry Buzova"? Because it's more fun and to immediately show who is in charge here - she or 15 guys at her feet.

What kind of man is she dreaming of? Which one will he reject exactly? What is he afraid of? Is this all for serious or a show? We studied several dozen interviews with Buzova, because the sum of a person's statements on one topic is a concentrated truth that reveals his life credo. And we got the following monologue:

  • The most difficult thing in life is to be yourself. Why is it difficult? Because there will definitely be those who will not like it.
  • I would like not only to love, but also to love me just as much. What I don't want the most is falsehood. I want a man's affection, care, attention. I want fire, passion.
  • The world looked perfect to me. I was in my own illusions!
  • I planned to get married once and for life. And I tried to become a good wife.
  • I annoyed him because he had another woman for a year.
  • Unfortunately, I have to learn from my mistakes.
  • Now I am reconsidering my view of the relationship between a man and a woman. I would like not only to love, but also to love me just as much.
  • When I go to restaurants, men look back at me, but not because they liked me.
  • I haven't turned into an embittered woman who hates everyone.
  • I want a normal devoted man who will give me a fairy tale.
  • I think it will be difficult for me to build a relationship. But if a man wants to win my heart, he will find an opportunity, and I will find time for him.
  • They say that it is difficult to get to know me, it is nowhere to be found that I am such an unattainable star. Here you are, I give myself to you for a whole month. Strive.
  • Yes, I want to be fought for. I will remind women to have pride and self-esteem.
  • I will remind men that they are men.
  • I do not need a man who will perceive me as the Olga Buzova brand.
  • I do not need a loved one who constantly prohibits everything. Let him be loyal to my career. You either accept it or you don't.
  • A man next to a woman should be calm and comfortable.
  • I have been dragging relationships for seven years. I am no longer ready to look for time for meetings, decide where to take the gentleman to rest, what tiles to choose in the hall of the house. I hope my future man will be able to figure it out on his own.
  • I need a man without diapers.
  • There is a stereotype: Buzova is stupid. But you can talk to me on any topic.
  • Love in all forms is the most important thing that drives people and the world. And I still believe in her.
  • Millions of people live in Russia, billions in the world. Can't there be one man for me?
  • There is nothing more important in life than myself. Most of my main roles have not yet been played.
  • Getting married is not the ultimate dream.
  • It seems to me that if I don't meet a man on this show, I will never marry

(Based on materials from TV Programs, KP, TNT, Instagram, 7 Days, Wday.ru, Playboy, Channel One, Starhit, Womenstime.ru, Woman.ru, OK.)

After her divorce from footballer Dmitry Tarasov, Olga Buzova said in an interview with "Teleprogram" that she would need more than a year to forget the insult and be able to trust men again. And almost two have passed! But Olya is still sad. In a moment of frankness, she even admitted that during all this time she did not have, sorry, close relations with the opposite sex.

In the show "Marry Buzova" bachelors of different professions and ages will go through various competitions and tests to prove their worth to the main character. In the final, Olga will choose one man. The filming of the project has already ended, but how it ended there, of course, is a secret.

Meanwhile, surrounded by Olga, they are discussing her recent appearance in public with one of the participants in the new project, Denis Lebedev. The man is the owner of a cheese production company, he has three higher educations, he used to work in the OBEP, and then went into business. Allegedly, Olga and Denis were resting in the same company in a Moscow entertainment center. Maybe they have grown together after all? This is a young business! On the other hand, would a girl substitute her own channel in this way and reveal the intrigue ahead of time?


According to rumors, a couple of months before that, on Saturday evening, Buzova was seen in a karaoke club on Novy Arbat in the company of a handsome and tall man who hugged Buzova tightly and not at all in a friendly manner. They were clearly having fun together. The famous volleyball player, 33-year-old Alexander Volkov, was quickly identified in Olga's satellite. He is the central blocker of Zenit St. Petersburg and the Russian national team, champion of the London Olympics, Honored Master of Sports. Option that you need! Although such a famous girl might have famous friends, right? Just friends.


In general, one thing is obvious: Olga Buzova has not yet met a man whom she is ready to present to the whole world as her chosen one. So all hope is for a new show. In general, such TV stories are hard to believe - none of the heroes of The Bachelor, for example, have ever married their “chosen ones”. But who knows how it will come out with Buzova?

Girl with a dowry: the host of "House-2" is a millionaire, but she will be a billionaire

While some arrogantly consider her a dim-witted girl, she tirelessly multiplies her fortune

Oh, and the lucky man, whom Buzova will make her husband! Olya became “the most searched for celebrity” in Yandex - last year her name was entered into the search bar 28.7 million times. And this popularity has been successfully monetized: according to Forbes, Olga Buzova earned $ 3.9 million (264.5 million rubles) in 2017. We studied how she does it.


Her business strategy

Throughout the past year, Buzova has been actively investing in various business projects, so that in a couple of years her income can grow significantly. We assessed these prospects with the help of specialists.

Olga strives to occupy different niches in the market. “This is a very wise decision. The more popular a person is, the broader the influence he has,”explains business consultant Mikhail Lyufanov. - And people who work in several areas receive several circles of influence that intersect and mutually multiply. And the credit of trust received in one area is automatically extended to another. Therefore, when a TV presenter or actress releases even a mediocre music album, it can sell well. In addition, Buzova receives cross-selling - her fans from one category of creativity or business become fans in another area. Olga is a host, actress, blogger, singer, brand ambassador in various fields, co-owner of a business. It is itself a business rolled into one."

Buzova knows how to select a team of professionals. “She acts like the top manager of a large company. Buzova uses her name as a sales driver. For example, she hired the most powerful people in this market to promote her cryptocurrency. So far, this is a purely investment story: you can start receiving income not earlier than in 3 - 4 years. It depends on the work of the team and the behavior of the cryptocurrency market. In the meantime, thanks to this business, she gets new fans who can appreciate that Buzova is in trend."

She looks far ahead. “Olga understands that success in show business, as well as in sports, is fickle. When a person at the age of 30 consciously builds a platform that will feed him in the future, this is the right strategy. She forms a good foundation for the future: even if she does not sing or lead Dom-2, her name will still work. Its accumulated popularity will last for a long time. A restaurant or a star's store will attract not only old fans, but other people as well, if a new high-quality brand is born in this segment, which will exist separately from its popularity."

The presenter is ready to be patient. For the sake of success in the future, she is ready for some hardships. Her ex-husband, a football player, put her out on the street with nothing, she still rents an apartment! But everything earned is invested: buying, for example, a bakery is more important for her than her own corner. Such advice is given to her by experts, and Olga consults with people with big names. Her most expensive business is the restaurant business. Buzova opens the second fast food restaurant BuzFood.


“A whole team is involved in Buzovoy,” says businessman and producer Andrei Kovalev. - Her name is very popular, and it is inserted into every niche that is possible. An investor is needed for a successful restaurant business. At least 30 million rubles must be invested in a restaurant: repairs, ventilation, air conditioning, furniture, staff salaries, and so on. If things go well, then the operating payback will have to go two or three years, and then another seven years to work for the invested capital paid off. And businesswoman Olga Buzova is ready to wait.

What makes up her income?

  • Concerts that she gives as a singer: 1.5 - 2 million rubles. for the performance.
  • Advertising in social networks: 250 - 300 thousand rubles. for one publication;
  • 2 - 4 million rubles. for participating in a large advertising campaign.
  • Work in the show "Dom-2": 2 million rubles. per month.
  • Entrepreneurial performances: 500 thousand rubles. for the presentation.
  • One-time shooting (cinema, TV projects): from 1 million rubles. per episode / issue.
  • Business selling accessories and clothing: 500 thousand rubles. in year.