Loboda Showed A "pregnant" Photo

Loboda Showed A "pregnant" Photo
Loboda Showed A "pregnant" Photo
Video: Loboda Showed A "pregnant" Photo
Video: Светлана Лобода призналась, что у нее было нищее детство 2023, February

The singer wished all mothers happiness.

Leading, designer and ex-soloist of the group "VIA Gra" Svetlana Loboda at the end of May this year became a mother for the second time. And now the singer has decided to share a touching photo that was taken during pregnancy. Svetlana Loboda admitted that she enjoys motherhood.

How rapidly time flies … 3 months ago, my Tilda lived in me, and I had no idea what she would be like … Today I know her fingers taste and breathe in the fragrant smell of every fold … I want all women in the world to be happy in their motherhood ️,

- Svetlana Loboda signed the photo touchingly.

“Yeah… the feelings of a mother for a child are beyond words! how strong is this love and the connection between them ️ "," Beautiful! And it is written very touchingly! I wish you happiness”,“The light is unreal, beautiful. What a touching photo”,“I wish you happiness and joy!”,“Pregnant women are so beautiful ️ ️ ️”,“Thank you, Svetlana! You, too, have unlimited happiness !!! "," Tilechka is another compliment from God !!! Princess, let her be melodious like mommy!”, - fans on Instagram could not restrain their emotions.

Recall that the star named her newborn daughter with the unusual name Tilda and almost immediately after giving birth began to actively perform on stage, demonstrating a gorgeous figure and appearance, and also released a new song and video, which immediately became popular. In a recent interview, the star admitted that she may owe such a quick return to work due to the birth system in the United States.

The fact that everything happens there easily and simply is a fact. You literally walk, talk, eat, drink until the last minute, and then suddenly once - and you have a child. Everything there is organized in such a way that the process of childbirth proceeds almost imperceptibly. Everything is aimed at ensuring that the mother does not get tired, feels confident in herself and resolves herself as easily as possible,

- said Svetlana Loboda in an interview with "Teleprogram".

Svetlana also managed to keep herself in great shape during pregnancy. And for this she can already say thanks only to herself and her own body.

Until the 7th month it was completely unnoticeable that I was pregnant. As well as the first time, I gained very little - only 8 kg. And she threw them off just as easily. 10 days after giving birth, I performed at the Muz-TV Prize. Thanks to my constitution and many years of training, I get into shape very easily and practically do not gain excess weight,

- added the singer.

Meanwhile, fans continue to wonder who Svetlana is with and who became the daddy of the newborn baby. The artist said only the following: “I can say that he is an amazing man and just an incredible person. And the whole world knows what kind of artist he is."

Note, the media claimed that the star became pregnant from the leader of the Rammstein group, Till Lindemann, who actively courted Svetlana in July last year at the "Heat" music festival in Baku. During this festival, celebrities were seen many times together, including at various parties. However, it was previously believed that this relationship did not go beyond the usual flirting. Now it is claimed that Svetlana and Till continued to meet in secret all this time. And the other day it turned out that the newborn baby was also given a consonant name - Tilda. Interestingly, a month before giving birth, Svetlana Loboda appeared at the Coachella festival in Los Angeles in a T-shirt with Rammstein symbols.

Recently, these rumors were commented on by the producer of the star Natella Krapivina:

“The Till situation is too beautiful in itself. When the story hit the media, Till sent Sveta many screenshots of the German press. And he wrote: "We have world success with you."

By the way, the birth of Svetlana Loboda took place in the United States. Also, Svetlana Loboda is already raising her daughter Evangelina, the baby was born in 2011 in the artist's relationship with the dancer, choreographer and DJ Andrei Tsar.In 2014, the singer officially announced that she had broken up with the father of her child. By the way, Eva communicates with her dad and often spends time together: “How else? They love each other, and our unsettled relationship with Andrei does not affect anything."

Note that Svetlana Loboda starred with her youngest daughter for a men's magazine. The singer shared the good news with fans on Instagram.

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