People Are More Curious Than Hurt

People Are More Curious Than Hurt
People Are More Curious Than Hurt
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Blogger Elena Miro drew a parallel between Anastasia Zavorotnyuk's illness and Zhanna Friske's illness and said that the public was more sorry for the singer. She noted that Nastya's problems forced her to remember the situation with Zhanna - then, according to her, the Russians literally cried, because Friske was for them "a well-known person whom they do not want to lose." For Zavorotnyuk, Miro observes a different attitude - in the case of Peter Chernyshev's wife, people are "more curious than painful."

The blogger cites the nature of both women as the reason. Miro noted that Friske was loved by everyone without exception - not only fans of her talent. Zhanna caused positive emotions in those around her, because she did not pretend to be kind and sincere, but was like that. Zavorotnyuk is not loved by the audience, the blogger suggests, for excessive brightness and arrogance.

“She is the same“beautiful and courageous”who, as the song says,“crossed the road”: she took producer Sergei Zhigunov away from the family. We don't like such women. And it’s right, in general, they do: why love them?”, - said Lena.

Summarizing all that was said, Miro noted that, despite the peculiarities of her character, she was also very sorry for Zavorotnyuk. She urged readers to be kinder, especially those who have already turned 40 - after all, by this age a woman should already gain wisdom.

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