The Chances Of Recovery Are Extremely Low

The Chances Of Recovery Are Extremely Low
The Chances Of Recovery Are Extremely Low
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The condition of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, who was admitted to the intensive care unit of one of the Moscow hospitals, continues to deteriorate. Against the background of an oncological disease of the brain, the artist's body began to fail. It was reported that she developed pneumonia, which was joined by pulmonary edema.

Doctors put the actress into a drug-induced coma in order to reduce the load on her internal organs. The star of "My Fair Nanny" was transferred to artificial respiration on a ventilator. But now it became known that the artist's medicinal dream passed into a now deep coma.

We asked the resuscitator Shevenko N.I., what this means for Anastasia:

"This means that either Nastya fell into a coma of III or IV degree, or measures of cardiopulmonary resuscitation were applied to her, when the ventilator is needed for some more time to fully restore her respiratory function."

- What is the difference between a medical coma and a normal coma?

“A medical or artificial coma is a regulated and controlled state of the patient's body, which is placed in this state by administering drugs to suppress reflexes and relieve pain. At this time, work is underway to eliminate the cause of the pain and subsequently we can bring the patient out of medication sleep. A coma is a complication of CNS damage. Anastasia most likely has a so-called tumor coma. Everything is complicated there, because her body, in addition to a brain tumor, also underwent severe intoxication due to radiation and the use of chemotherapy drugs, plus hormonal drugs - all this could be layered."

- You said "coma III and IV degrees." What is the difference?

“Coma III degree - deep, or atonic. Even then, it may be necessary to connect to the ventilator, although sometimes the patient still breathes on his own. It all depends on the disease. Coma IV degree - it is called transcendental - ends in death. If the patient comes out of it, then it's just a miracle."

- Based on the information that we have at the moment: is there a chance for Nastya?

“In any case, the forecast is disappointing. We cannot declare with complete certainty what condition Anastasia is in. But the use of intensive care measures means that her condition is extremely serious, if not critical,”said N.I. Shevenko.

Now doctors continue to decide on an operation that could alleviate Zavorotnyuk's condition. But it is dangerous to carry out the operation: the actress may not survive it, REN TV reports.

A brain tumor in the Honored Artist of Russia was diagnosed about a year ago, after the birth of her daughter Mila. Zavorotnyuk sought medical help late, for a long time attributing unpleasant symptoms - headaches and vomiting - to stress due to a busy work schedule. Doctors found that the actress's brain was affected by glioblastoma, an inoperable neoplasm from which Zhanna Friske had previously died.

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