She's Crazy: Decl's Father About His Son's Wife

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She's Crazy: Decl's Father About His Son's Wife
She's Crazy: Decl's Father About His Son's Wife

Video: She's Crazy: Decl's Father About His Son's Wife

Video: She's Crazy: Decl's Father About His Son's Wife
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Alexander Tolmatsky told the portal about the relationship with Kirill's common-law wife Yulia Kiseleva.


The most dear people of rapper Decl - mother Irina, father Alexander and actual wife Yulia - after his death (the artist died on February 3, 2019 - Ed.), Continue to sort things out. Once again, Decl's widow, model Yulia Kiseleva, accuses her mother-in-law of driving her out of the apartment and changing the locks. Kirill's father, producer Alexander Tolmatsky, commented on Kiseleva's attacks on the portal.

Ira changed the locks because a cat was screaming in the apartment

Tolmatsky said that the apartment in which Decl lived with his wife Yulia and son Anthony belongs to the rapper's mother, Irina Tolmatskaya. The woman really changed the locks in her apartment after the death of her son, but there were reasons for this:

“After the funeral, Yulia and her son moved out of the apartment. Ira asked to give her the keys - suddenly the pipe would burst, and she, being the mistress, could not even enter there. As a result, when a cat screamed from an empty apartment for several days, the locks had to be cut off and replaced. Then Ira called Julia's brother and said that at any time they could take the new keys from her. Nobody drove anyone anywhere. Well, she's lying all the time,”commented Alexander Tolmatsky.

“She's not my daughter-in-law. She is nobody "

It seems that the endless accusations of each other in social networks and the media have already bothered the producer. He admitted that he does not consider Kiseleva his daughter-in-law. Moreover, Tolmatsky does not exclude that Yulia may have head problems.

“She is not my daughter-in-law. She is nobody. Well, she's crazy. All you see is that she is an inadequate person. Nobody can contact her, and even more so, because we do not know where she is. Julia blocked us in all social networks. I can't even go to the page of my son and Ira too. The problem is that Julia behaves rudely and turns everything upside down,”continues the producer.

Wedged after the funeral

Tolmatsky admits that at first the common grief united the family. Alexander tried to support two heartbroken women - his ex-wife Ira and the widow of his son Julia. After the funeral, Kiseleva even left her son Tony with her grandfather for a few days, and then she was replaced.

“The first thing I told her to do was to open a bank account for my son, my grandson, as well as for her to write down his father, Cyril, in Tony's birth certificate. I was ready to give a lawyer, help in any way I can, go to the bank together. She left my grandson with me. He told her: “Why weren't they allowed to communicate with my grandfather? And his children are good, and his wife is not bad. " After that, she had something a little wedged in her head. Now Julia does not give her grandson to anyone. Okay, you can call me whatever you want, but how can my grandmother not be allowed to communicate with her grandson? Ira went to school, but they said that they could not help with anything, since according to the documents we are nobody. I think this is rudeness,”summed up Cyril's father.

We wish the Tolmatsky family to reach agreement on all issues as soon as possible. In your opinion, who initiated the conflict - from Decl's widow or his parents? Write your versions in the comments.

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