Lopyreva Is Going To Give Birth At Home

Lopyreva Is Going To Give Birth At Home
Lopyreva Is Going To Give Birth At Home

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The beauty hinted that she had already decided on the choice of the place of birth of her first child

The only intrigue that the pregnant Victoria Lopyreva has not yet commented on is the place where she intends to give birth, and whether Igor Bulatov will be present at the birth. While the future mom is publishing a photo with the singer Nyusha, who supports Lopyreva in these difficult times for the model. In her Instagram, Victoria wrote that she receives a lot of useful information from her young mother about where, how and what to do. “In particular, in America it is very common to invite a special woman for childbirth - doula, who creates a special environment during the process (candles, music, aroma, tells you how to breathe correctly), draws up a birth plan and monitors your morale more. It sounds cool, but I have a question: does it all matter when you have labor pains and all your thoughts are definitely not about what scent you chose for the aroma lamp, but about when it will all end, do you think you need such a person during childbirth? And do we have such services in Russia? " (the spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved, - approx. WomanHit.ru), - wrote Lopyreva on her page, which made it clear that she was planning to give birth in Russia.

Victoria prepares very thoroughly for childbirth, communicates with subscribers on all women's topics: asks and shares information. During this important period, the beauty has to deal with a large flow of negativity towards her, which complicates the already difficult situation. Recently, the model gave a detailed interview to a fashion magazine, where she answered all questions about her relationship with Igor Bulatov. The woman believes that these difficulties at the beginning of a relationship only unite them with the father of the unborn child.

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