Lopyreva Revealed Intimate Details Of Pregnancy

Lopyreva Revealed Intimate Details Of Pregnancy
Lopyreva Revealed Intimate Details Of Pregnancy

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Russian model Victoria Lopyreva shared new details of her pregnancy. The star talked about how the work helped her overcome the malaise.

The presenter learned that she was expecting a child during the FIFA World Cup, where she worked as the FIFA ambassador. According to Lopyreva, she worked so hard that she had no time at all to be distracted by thoughts about her health.

“Instead of listening to myself and being afraid of toxicosis, I, as a soldier, did my job as a FIFA ambassador. Airplanes were more familiar than a car, I slept 4 hours a day … I will remember this championship not only because of the excellent play of our national team! I wasn't even on the agenda, I didn't have the opportunity to feel it, "she said.

Victoria noted that during pregnancy she had to change her lifestyle. She gave up her regular workouts at the gym and replaced them with a walk in the fresh air. The changes also affected her state of mind: she became "calmer and softer." But Lopyreva cannot sit "idle" and is already working on new projects.

The model has not yet named the father of the unborn child. It is known that the man has nothing to do with show business. "He is a non-public person, far from show business, and I really like it. I always wanted to be near not the one who knows how to speak beautifully, but the one who does a lot. My beloved literally blows away dust particles from me, especially now when I'm expecting my first child, "Komsomolskaya Pravda reports her. The presenter added that they are not planning a wedding yet, because now all their attention is drawn to another main event - the birth of their first child.

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