Priluchny And Muceniece: A Story Of Love And Parting

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Priluchny And Muceniece: A Story Of Love And Parting
Priluchny And Muceniece: A Story Of Love And Parting

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Are the rumors true that the star of the TV series "Major" beat his wife?


Actor Pavel Priluchny and his wife, actress and model Agata Muceniece are one of the most beautiful couples in Russian cinema. An office romance, exchange of rings, two children, a cat, dogs, a beautiful house, family trips to warm countries and funny videos on the YouTube channel - aren't these attributes of a happy family life?

They have been together for more than eight years, and although their love was seriously tested in 2018, the Priluchnye remain together. We decided to remember how it all began and how fabulous this love story can be called.

Where did Pavel Priluchny and Agata Muceniece meet?

They met in December 2010, the day the shooting of the series "Closed School" began. Pavel Priluchny had previously appeared in several TV series and the popular film "At the Game" among young people; Agatha Muceniece also had roles in films, as well as shooting in commercials, including abroad.

In "Closed School", a popular youth series, Pavel played Maxim Morozov, his future wife - Dasha Starkova. However, at the time of their acquaintance, Agatha already had a boyfriend and Priluchny, although he really liked the girl, did not wedge into this relationship, humbly waited for it to end. And so it happened.

At first, they just met, and on August 28, 2011, they secretly got married in one of the registry offices in Moscow. At the same time, Agatha took her husband's surname, but she did not abandon her maiden name Muceniece either - she left her as a creative pseudonym.

Children and the mini-zoo of the Priluchny family

The actor and his chosen one decided to marry not "out of flight", but out of great love. Their first child, son Timofey Priluchny, appeared with them on January 11, 2013. Honey-daughter Mia Priluchnaya was born on March 3, 2016.

Pavel and Agatha, despite being busy in the cinema, manage to take care of children - entertain them at home, walk, travel with the whole family around the world - and have been to Turkey, and the UAE, and in Israel, and even in India.

To the delight of the children, the Priluchnyi also had pets - the Staffordshire Terrier Valli and the cat Sally. In January 2018, while walking through the Major shopping center, I saw another wonderful animal in a pet store - a Chihuahua puppy, and immediately bought it for Mia.

Breakups and gossip

The same 2018 became a year of trials for Paul and Agatha. For a while, they broke up, unsubscribed from each other on Instagram and for some time made fans afraid of an impending divorce. But in the end, the acting couple reunited and forgot about the quarrels.

A new wave of shock in January of the following year was caused by the publication of a number of major media outlets that Priluchny allegedly beat his wife and did not let her out of the house. The publications wrote that the public relations officer and friend of the actress Mariam Khalilova reported to the police about domestic violence in this family.

Many people believed these rumors and immediately began to compare the star of "Major" with Marat Basharov, another lover to beat his wife. Agatha herself soon reacted to the messages and published an indignant post on her page, in which she accused the journalists of lying. Fans should not worry: Pavel Priluchny and Agata Muciniece are still together and we can hope that nothing threatens their marriage! So if there was a conflict, then it was most likely resolved. It happens to everyone.

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