Sharon Stone Admitted She Was On The Verge Of Death 3 Times

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Sharon Stone Admitted She Was On The Verge Of Death 3 Times
Sharon Stone Admitted She Was On The Verge Of Death 3 Times

The Hollywood star said that before becoming an actress, she several times got into terrible incidents that could end in death.


Sharon Stone is truly an iconic figure in Hollywood. Thanks to the thriller Basic Instinct, the actress has become one of the most recognizable and sought-after in her profession. Today, the performer of the role of the writer Katherine Tramell is 62 years old, she appears less often on movie screens, but is still loved by the public. Recently, the star decided to share several stories from her youth with Western journalists. It turns out that Sharon might not have become a famous actress. In her life, there were several unpleasant stories that could end in disastrous for the future film star.

So Sharon said that as a child, when little Stone was still living with rollers in Pennsylvania, she was struck by lightning.

“We had our own well, from which water came into the house. I filled the iron and kept my hand on the tap. And then lightning struck the well. I was thrown across the kitchen and hit the refrigerator. It was very powerful. Fortunately, my mom was there. She grabbed me and brought me to my senses ",

- the actress admitted.

The star also told about how she accidentally cut her neck with a clothesline.

“The cut almost touched the jugular vein. Less than an inch remained"

- shared Stone.

Nevertheless, Sharon considers the most terrible incident in his life to be a stroke, which happened to the actress in 2001. The star admitted: the probability that she would survive was only 1%.

“I felt like I'd been shot in the head. I remember how I lay and thought: "I have a stroke"

- said the film star.

She spent a week in a coma, and then went through a difficult seven-hour operation, after which she again learned to move and even speak. The disease, of course, affected her career: the actress was no longer invited to the shooting, which was another blow for her.

Sharon has taken years to bounce back and it looks like she's ready to please fans with new roles again.

Sharon Stone was born in a small Pennsylvania village and dreamed of becoming an actress since childhood. Fame by Hollywood standards came to her rather late - at the age of 31. It was then that she played her starring role in the thriller Basic Instinct. The actress became a nominee for such prestigious awards as Golden Globe, Emmy and Oscar. Sharon has been married twice. Married to her second husband, San Francisco Chronicle editor Phil Brunstein, she adopted a boy. The husband and wife could not save the marriage: the actress's husband filed for divorce. It was during this period that Stone suffered a stroke. As a result, custody of the child was assigned to Phil. The star was very upset by this decision. Today the actress lives in West Hollywood with her two adopted sons, Laird and Quinn.

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