Lorak's Husband's Mistress Was Put In Place

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Lorak's Husband's Mistress Was Put In Place
Lorak's Husband's Mistress Was Put In Place

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Video: Husband Was Caught with Mistress, Then Asked Wife to Join | @DramatizeMe 2023, February

Yana Belyaeva from Kiev, who is called the mistress of the singer's wife Ani Lorak, received a consolation prize at the beauty contest. She was applauded the longest and loudest.


The annual competition "Miss Ukraine Universe-2018" was held in the Ukrainian capital. This time the event was very popular with the press. There were several big names among the participants: Anna Duritskaya - she witnessed the murder of Boris Nemtsov, the star of the show "The Bachelor" Galina Pristash, and the heroine of the scandalous video with the husband of the vocalist Ani Lorak - Yana Belyaeva.

Belyaeva appeared at the competition with a powerful support group, so each appearance of the girl on the stage was accompanied by a storm of applause and enthusiastic shouts. The girl showed herself, defiling in a bikini and a chic evening dress, showed herself in an intellectual competition.

However, this did not help Yana to even get into the top five finalists. She was given the Audience Award. Note that after the high-profile scandal Belyaeva was foolish to count on the title - the winner must have a crystal-clear reputation.

As a result, Karina Zhosan from Odessa won the victory, Valeria Ryabchenko became the second vice-miss. The top three also includes Anna Duritskaya, who witnessed the death of Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov, reports TSN.

As Dni.Ru wrote, Yana Belyaeva became a gossip heroine after she was spotted in a karaoke club with her husband Lorak Murat. He hugged Yana and even stroked the inside of her thigh. Visitors to the establishment recorded the couple's gentle cooing on a mobile camera, after which the shameful video hit the Web, making a lot of noise.

Then there were rumors that the singer's husband had been in contact with the girl for a long time. He allegedly rented an apartment for her and paid for several plastic surgeries. The surname, name and photo of the rival Ani Lorak were published in the media.

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