Anastasia Reshetova Told How She Conquered Timati

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Anastasia Reshetova Told How She Conquered Timati
Anastasia Reshetova Told How She Conquered Timati

Video: Anastasia Reshetova Told How She Conquered Timati

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Video: Анастасия Решетова. «Мой монолог». Премьера фильма. (2021) 2023, February

The general director of the MUZ-TV channel Arman Davletyarov and the writer and internet marketer Maria Solodar launched the Star Masterclass educational project. These are three courses ("Formula of happy relationships", "100% success: how to find a vocation and unleash your potential", "The power of health: create a slim, beautiful, full of energy body"), containing video lessons with the participation of stars.


As part of the project, Oksana Samoilova, Anastasia Reshetova, Aiza Anokhina, Ani Lorak and others shared the secrets of how to find a worthy man.

Oksana Samoilova: Women don't meet the wrong men. For example, a vegetarian woman chooses a sausage and tries to make a cucumber out of it, but of course this does not happen. A sausage will never become a cucumber. If you like a man, you should be as open as possible, show who you are. I believe that a smart, strong, confident man needs the same woman.

Ksenia Sobchak: We met, and I understood everything. It happens by itself. You feel safe, you feel good, you trust this person.

Polina Gagarina: A woman should be herself. In no case should you build anyone out of yourself, because then it will be very difficult to maintain this image all your life. Anyway, at some point, her mask will fall off.

Ani Lorak: There comes a period in a woman's life when you want a child, and, probably, a definition when you look at a man and think: this is what I want from him.

Anna Sedokova: Men are attracted to confident women. Not pathetic, not sad, not Cinderella who need to get out of the pumpkin. No! Men like queens, princesses, confident. Because a man wants to be with a better woman, so that he understands that he has taken possession of the prey.

Anastasia Reshetova: To attract a worthy person, you need to be worthy. Be interesting, be interested. You need to have some flavor.

Aiza Anokhina: Everything was fine with me. I was not looking for a person who would pull me out and carry me. We were on the same level, so we both joined hands and walked forward to happiness.

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