Girls Who Have Lost Their Beauty

Girls Who Have Lost Their Beauty
Girls Who Have Lost Their Beauty

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Beauty, alas, is not eternal. And those whom we are accustomed to consider as the standards of femininity, naturalness and attractiveness, alas, are aging. Some do it beautifully, others, in a desperate pursuit of their former charm, decide on changes in appearance, and still others simply ruin their beauty in the bud with an addiction to bad habits.

The stars who have lost their former attractiveness are in the photo gallery.

Melanie Griffith. At the beginning of her career, a young beauty with a doll face was unanimously proclaimed the new sex symbol of Hollywood. But as time went on, the actress decided to make adjustments to her appearance. And, as often happens, she overdid it. Plastic surgery and bad habits made Barbie the bride of Frankenstein.

Cameron Diaz. Bright blue eyes, a charming smile, coupled with acting talent, made Cam one of the most famous actresses in Hollywood. Diaz does not hide that he is not afraid to grow old, but, unfortunately, in ordinary life he takes little care of himself: he does not care for his face, does not pay attention to his hair and wears strange clothes.

Lindsey Lohan. Evolution, sorry, the degradation of an actress's beauty is the result of her lifestyle. Alcohol, legal problems and drugs did their job. The charming girl, who at the beginning of her career was prophesied fame, now looks much older than her age.

Meg Ryan. A fragile beauty with a charming smile was one of the favorites of the Dream Factory. But Meg decided to add a zest to her image and made a plastic surgery of the upper lip. An unsuccessful operation with age made itself felt, like other attempts to deceive age. Ryan has unfortunately lost her charm.

Britney Spears. In the late 90s, the cute blonde with a doll-like appearance was imitated by thousands of female fans around the world. But the success broke the singer. Britney is addicted to drugs and alcohol, experienced a high-profile divorce. Of course, the problems affected the appearance. Spears was able to overcome the crisis, but "the residue remained." The singer, alas, has lost her former attractiveness in the eyes of the public.

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