Bonya Reunited With Ex-lover

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Bonya Reunited With Ex-lover
Bonya Reunited With Ex-lover

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Victoria and Alex celebrated together the birthday of their daughter Angelina, who is six years old.


Victoria Bonya posted on Instagram a touching family photo in which, together with her former common-law spouse Alex Smerfit, she kisses her daughter Angelina.

Our baby Angelina Smurfit is the birthday girl today))) On this occasion, as an exception, I share with you such a family photo,

- she wrote.

Alex Smurfit also congratulated the doss on Instagram. He posted a picture of his daughter blowing out the candles on a birthday cake and called the birthday girl a princess.

In numerous comments to the photos, the followers of Alex and Victoria ask them to reunite, to be together again, write that they look great together and that they parted in vain.

We will remind, Victoria Bonya announced that she broke up with a common-law spouse last year.

“He is my friend and beloved man, I am sure that it will always be so. I know that many will now begin to misrepresent and come up with their own versions. This is not a spontaneous decision, we came to it six months ago. Today we have an excellent relationship, we call each other every day, share our impressions, spend time with the child. It so happened that our relationship spilled over into friendship, we love each other very much, but in a slightly different way. Part beautifully, as well as beautifully once met”,

- wrote Bonya.

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