This Is Disgusting: Etush's Wife Responded To Her Cruelty

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This Is Disgusting: Etush's Wife Responded To Her Cruelty
This Is Disgusting: Etush's Wife Responded To Her Cruelty

Video: This Is Disgusting: Etush's Wife Responded To Her Cruelty

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The wife of the famous artist Vladimir Etush, Elena, left a controversial post. The wife of the legendary actor said that the reporters were interested not in his work, but in the scandal.

It all started when Elena Etush wrote on her official Facebook page:

"The oldest actor starred in a serious movie. There are gorgeous photos of the filming process - a wagon and a small cart. But the yellow press, which we have the majority, is not interested in."

Then Elena said that journalists only need sensations and scandal.

"Now, if he got to a hospital somewhere or stole something from him - then yes, they would cut off the phones!" - said the wife of the famous actor.

However, Elena also got from those media workers who do not chase after fried.

"He is not a representative of" advanced "art and is not under house arrest on charges of embezzlement of public funds. And, according to some representatives of liberal journalists, he also does not have honor and dignity. Therefore, his new work is just for you, dear viewers, not for them, "Etush concluded her post sarcastically.



While fans were comforting Elena and convincing her that such a situation was even for the better, Vadim Manukyan, a member of the State Duma's expert council on the development of the information society and the media, reacted to the woman's message: “Now is the time for young wives of not very young artists.

We all remember the recent passion for Dzhigarkhanyan, when our beloved old artist was literally dragged on air, and it looked very disgusting. With Krasko, the theme also looks rather strange. There, in general, one gets the impression that he married a granddaughter. One gets the feeling that they all live according to the pattern "an old husband will die, and all his fame and money, and the status of the master's widow, will be mine."

However, Manukyan responded positively about Etush. “She is more likely a companion of Vladimir Abramovich, and the age difference is not so catastrophic. As far as I understand, this is a union of a fan and an artist.

If you will, their marriage reminds me more of the current relationship between Porgina and Karachentsov, when a woman literally pushes her husband forward so that he does not finally fall apart and can live a full life, "the expert concluded his thought.

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