How Can This Mole Attract?

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How Can This Mole Attract?
How Can This Mole Attract?
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The war between Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya and Tamara Semina gets a new turn. The 81-year-old people's artist did not remain silent on the pianist's attacks on the Web and answered her no less boldly.

Recall that the actress has always been against the relationship between Tsymbalyuk and Dzhigarkhanyan, speaking in defense of the director's former wife Tamara Vlasova. And when the couple were reunited, the star of Soviet cinema appeared on the program "Let them talk", expressing her joy on this occasion.

Apparently, the appearance of an old acquaintance on the show strongly disliked Romanovskaya, who wrote on her blog the following: “When she was young she got drunk on the set and tried to get into bed with decent married artists. They drove her with sticks."

The "interlocutor" contacted the people's artist to comment on these words. It turned out that Semina practically does not use the Internet and did not hear anything about the offensive expressions of Dzhigarkhanyan's ex-wife. However, he is not going to leave them just like that.

“For these words, I need to sue her,” she said.

Semina relied on the minds of her audience, who must understand that this cannot be. Tamara Petrovna said that Romanovskaya was busy exclusively with "dirty deeds".

“Now is the age of these types who grab a fly. They don't even need pants, but only wallets,”said the actress.

She called the Internet a "trash heap" and was glad that she did not participate in online discussions. Vitalina, she wished to continue to rage, but still someday experience true love for a man.

“In general, some pathological men, or something, went. How can this mole attract? I have a squeamish attitude towards her. There are also several characters with similar behavior, to whom I feel the same. I won't sit next to them for anything. It's disgusting for me to sit with them,”Semina said.

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