Why Evgeny Osin Checked His Eldest Daughter For Paternity

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Why Evgeny Osin Checked His Eldest Daughter For Paternity
Why Evgeny Osin Checked His Eldest Daughter For Paternity
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The performer of the hit "The Girl in the Machine is Crying", who passed away in November 2018, has two daughters. The eldest, Agnia, Yevgeny Osina, was born by her legal wife Natalya Cheremisina. But the youngest, Anastasia, was born as a result of the singer's extramarital affairs. Anastasia called Osin a father, but he still decided to do a DNA analysis, which, however, did not advertise.


Marriage and alcohol

For several years, Evgeny Osin was sure that he had only one daughter, Agnia, whom his official wife Natalya Cheremisina gave birth to. At one time, for the sake of the singer, the bank employee Cheremisina divorced her former husband. To those around, Natalya and Eugene seemed like a happy couple. Moreover, in 2002, the couple had a daughter, Agnia. But neither mutual feelings, nor the presence of a child saved the family.

After Osin's death in 2018, Natalya Cheremisina admitted that their marriage had destroyed Evgeny's addiction to alcohol. According to Cheremisina, she tried to appeal to the vocalist's mind, but he did not want to listen to anything. Moreover, in a state of intoxication, as Natalya claimed, Osin raised his hand to her. That is why, after the divorce, she limited the upbringing of Agnes to her father.

Roman and youngest daughter

But the mother of the youngest daughter Osin, Elena Godunova, did not forbid the girl to communicate with the singer. The fact that he has an illegitimate child, Yevgeny Osin, in his own words, learned in 2016. By that time, he had already parted with Natalia Cheremisina. But, as it turned out, Elena Godunova appeared in Osin's life a little earlier than Cheremisina. According to Elena, they have known each other since 1998. At some point, a romance broke out between them, which ended with the birth of their daughter Anastasia.

However, at first Osin did not know anything about Anastasia's existence. At least that's what the artist himself said in one of his interviews. He said that one day Elena Godunova just called him and said that he had another daughter. Eugene and Anastasia began to communicate, talked on the phone and even wrote songs together. It is noteworthy that the girl immediately began to call Aspen dad.

DNA test

Journalists, having learned about this story, offered Yevgeny Osin to donate biomaterial in order to conduct a DNA test to establish paternity. Osin agreed. Nevertheless, when the results of the study were ready, Elena Godunova, who was the first to receive an envelope with documents in her hands, suggested that Yevgeny Osin take a decision on their publicity. In response, Osin felt deeply, burst into tears, but remained silent, just like his former beloved.

After the death of the singer, Elena Godunova, who was unable to hide the truth, admitted that Osin was not Anastasia's biological father. Moreover, as Godunova confidently stated, Eugene knew this very well. But Anastasia treated him like her own father, therefore, not wanting to injure the girl's psyche, Osin refused to advertise the results of the DNA examination.

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