Mean Girls: Stars With A Terrible Personality

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Mean Girls: Stars With A Terrible Personality
Mean Girls: Stars With A Terrible Personality
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Talented people can be forgiven a lot. Even scandalous antics and bad character. Hollywood stars are more likely than others to show lordly manners, but for the sake of the success of their projects, directors are ready to endure something else. We are talking about those who are loved not for something, but in spite of.


Sandra Bullock

Looking at Sandra Bullock, you can't tell right away that the actress is a control freak. Colleagues say that sometimes it is simply unbearable to work with her, she is so scrupulous about details.

I know that sometimes I can really annoy people. I am a big ball of energy. I love organization, structure. I know that it is not easy to deal with me. I am constantly in control of everyone. And I demand everything in an orderly manner and immediately,”the actress told about herself. Dear Sandra, we are ready to forgive you anything for your roles!

Megan Fox

Megan Fox has long understood that her main weapon is beauty, and skillfully uses it. Colleagues who worked with her on the set of "Transformers" claim that while working on the picture, Megan behaved simply disgusting.

after the end of filming, the actress allowed herself to publicly declare that it would be better if "Transformers" saved the world "from the overdressed white trash who fights with homosexuals with the Bible under his arm." It would seem that after that they should have burned her at the stake, hunted down on the Web, but no. Everything worked out. Megan is still loved by the audience.


At the same time, Madonna's regular provocations, maybe someone else was jarred, but now everyone treats the antics of the scandalous pop diva with understanding, and some even try to imitate. But still Madge is unique. So, you will have to try very hard to claim her laurels, Megan Fox!

Katherine Heigl

Dre Catherine is an exemplary mom, a romantic heroine, and anyone but a high-class bitch. But, as they say, in a quiet pool. Everyone who worked with Heigl on joint projects says that she is terribly optional and at the same time very categorical. On the other hand, perhaps it was this categoricalness that at one time helped her achieve success in cinema.

Amber Heard

But they say about Amber that she is a bitch not only in the movies, but also in everyday life. There are legends about the difficult character of the Hollywood actress. According to friends of the star, it is for her unpredictability and hot temper that the best men fall in love with her. Johnny Depp and Elon Musk have already visited Beauty Networks, as we remember. Not a bad catch!

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