How Much Money Do Stars Spend On Holidays For Their Children

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How Much Money Do Stars Spend On Holidays For Their Children
How Much Money Do Stars Spend On Holidays For Their Children

Video: How Much Money Do Stars Spend On Holidays For Their Children

Video: How Much Money Do Stars Spend On Holidays For Their Children
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Popular artists always celebrate the holidays of their children so that later all social networks were full of bright pictures from the celebration - what to do, the situation obliges. Naturally, such events cost a pretty penny for celebrities. But there are required attributes that you can't do without.


Mood color - bright

Not a single birthday is complete without a paper disco - kids dance, and paper straws are poured on them. Parents only have time to shoot videos for Instagram and personal archives. From the obligatory attributes of children's parties - clowns, magic tricks, photos with ponies or small pets. Each party has its own theme, which is determined taking into account the tastes of the birthday baby. For example, the singer Zara ordered a party for her sons with the team of Avengers-superheroes and a birthday with the heroes of Harry Potter. And Tatyana Navka chose the heroes of the fairy tale "Beauty and the Beast" for the youngest daughter Nadia.

An indispensable attribute of the holiday is a cake from pastry chef Renat Agzamov. Children's secular Moscow gathers together on children's birthday parties. For example, Philip Kirkorov invited his friends with children to the birthday of Alla-Victoria's daughter. As a result, the girl was congratulated by the heirs of Yana Rudkovskaya, Jasmine, Alla Pugacheva, Yulia Baranovskaya, Igor Nikolaev, Stas Mikhailov, Vitaly Gogunsky, Tatiana Navka. Kirkorov then threw a holiday in a restaurant on Rublevka - by the most conservative estimates, a party for children and adults cost a million rubles. Of course, on this occasion, the restaurant was closed for special services.

The main thing is that the suit fits

Most often, artists give expensive outfits to children of colleagues along with toys. A separate issue is the choice of an outfit for a celebration. They approach its decision as carefully as the choice of the agency - the organizer of the holiday. More and more often, mothers and daughters dress in the same outfits or at least choose one brand for the whole family.

“The fashion for Family look is at its peak now,” designer Sofia Vershinina tells us. - Many eminent brands - D&G, Dior, Armani, Gucci - have already picked it up for a long time. Identical outfits of mothers and daughters are popular among our celebrities, but it will not be difficult to choose a common look for a father and son. At children's parties, we see excellent examples of Family look from well-known brands. For birthdays and holidays, children are no longer dressed in fluffy outfits, sports everyday looks with the addition of some kind of accessory - a fashionable children's handbag or a backpack - have become fashionable. As for the boys, now the denim boom is again.

Of course, stellar parents try to order treats exclusively from organic products, sweets - without artificial colors, flowers - from trusted suppliers. And animals participating in photo shoots with children in circus mini-numbers before the holidays must check the necessary certificates.

Mandatory element - paper disco

A separate topic is the decor of the event. It is not cheap: the candy bar is in fashion, fabulous decorations for the play area, ikebana with fabulous elements. And there is also a demand for a magician who twists cotton wool or makes natural popsicles.


Many fans, having spied on some interesting detail of the starry celebration, try to repeat it. What if it is affordable for an ordinary person? Let's check. The birthday for the daughter of singer Stas Mikhailov Maria was stylized on a very fashionable theme - trolls.


Almost always, stars order a cake for a children's party from the fashionable pastry chef Renat Agzamov. It can be delivered anywhere in the world (after all, children can walk abroad) in record time. Any order is executed by the team of the pastry chef using a photo of the birthday man, taking into account his tastes and hobbies. For example, Ksenia Borodina ordered a cake for the birthday of her youngest daughter and was delighted that, when making it, they remembered all the child's favorite cartoons. Price: 11 thousand rubles (3 kg), 65 thousand (6 kg). The exact amount depends not only on the weight, but also on the complexity of the order.


Fashion quests are now even brought home. And at the end of the game, they bring out a themed cake with candles. The most requested quests are inspired by Harry Potter and Alice in Wonderland. Price: from 35 thousand.


Animators with theatrical education transform into the heroes of their favorite cartoons. They can come home and scare and amuse a young company, or they can work on the road - in a restaurant, outdoors, even fly abroad. Any wishes of the parents are taken into account, the talents of the birthday man are revealed if desired. Price: from 20 thousand (2 animators for 2 hours, soap bubbles show). From 300 thousand (life-size puppets, show program from animators, trainers with animals).

Turnkey holiday

Party agencies offer "turnkey VIP birthdays". Of course, it is cheaper to organize by ordering all the attributes of the holiday separately. But some can afford to hire people and no longer rack their brains in search of balls, "snow", a beard for Hottabych and a pony … Everything will be done by specially trained people, you just have to approve the script and the menu. Price: from 800 thousand (a holiday in a restaurant for 15 children with a show program, animators, life-size puppets, a quest, snacks, cake, photo session, pet animals, paper disco and fireworks).

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