The Psychic Commented On The Statement Of Lazarev

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The Psychic Commented On The Statement Of Lazarev
The Psychic Commented On The Statement Of Lazarev
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Sergey Lazarev declassified his second child - it turns out that a year ago the singer's daughter was born, the baby was named Anna. And all this time, the artist hid the heiress from the public. However, according to the psychic, psychologist and tarologist Marianna Abravitova, we will soon hear about a new addition to Sergei's family.

“Lazarev aims to become a father of many children. The fact that his daughter was born a year ago is not at all the limit. Karmically, by fate, he has a predisposition to be a father. He has fatherhood as one of the missions on earth. Children who are very much needed on this earth come to such parents. Each of them calculates and carries its own supreme plan. We will hear that he will have another son and another daughter - and more and more. He felt the taste of this fatherhood, he needs it, and he will completely dissolve in them. He will make a wonderful dad, the children will receive an excellent education, a wonderful level of upbringing, and an interesting life awaits them,”Abravitova told

“His children, who are already there, have one biological basis, they are brother and sister. But still, gestation and childbirth were carried out by different women. This is correct, and it will continue to be so. Let's just say that Lazarev's approach to the female body is very serious. Women are absolutely healthy, he completely controls everything, and the process of pregnancy and childbirth is under the supervision of leading specialists. Since Sergei has paternity, we must all understand that his work does not occupy one hundred percent of his life. He divided his life into 2 things: creativity separately, children separately. He will equally invest efforts both there and there, but in no case mix it all up. I don't think creativity will suffer, but children will always lead. We will not find a better father than him,”says Marianna.

“In addition, I would like to say that he does not bring out children only because he is superstitious and believes that it is not worth showing a small child to anyone until he gets stronger. The second point: he does not want excessive attention either to the child or to himself. This is an intimate niche that he does not want to show to anyone,”the psychic explained.

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